August 1st, 2006


Tew's Day!

And I remembered to say "rabbit rabbit" first thing this morning. This will be a lucky month!

Happy birthday to gikiski!

Same as yesterday, really. And yesterday became a bad pain day, and I'm hoping that today doesn't repeat...

Assuming that they do cut off sponsorship at 9 AM EST, my grand total is $3,223.00. Wow, y'all. Thank you so much. :)

I'll post the list of sponsors separately.

Daily Elayna
She is so into Wicked. It's crazy. It's like me and Les Mis when I was 14. Baby's first Broadway musical obsession.

Daily Science
Via rosefox...

Columbia University researchers discover on-off switch for chronic pain: ...researchers from Columbia University Medical Center have discovered a protein in nerve cells that acts as a switch for chronic pain, and have applied for a patent to develop a new class of drugs that will block chronic pain by turning this switch off.

Daily BPAL
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Blogathon Sponsors

Here's my list of everyone who sponsored me in this year's Blogathon.

If you sponsored me, please click on the cut tag to make sure you're listed. At least two people accidentally clicked "anonymous". If you are anonymous on the site, I do ask that you e-mail me your RAINN donation receipt.

Also, I don't recognize some of the names, so if you're not listed but your initials are, say hey!

If you're not listed/don't send a receipt, you don't get the goodies! Please check in.

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Again, thank you guys so much. This is absolutely amazing.
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Having just reviewed a bunch of my Blogathon '04 entries, I have decided that I'm definitely going to do the same thing this year as I did the previous two years:

You supply one-word writing prompts.

I will give you flash fiction.

48 self-contained short-short stories in 24 hours, y0.

This entry is to collect said prompts. Throw a few in the pot whenever you feel like it. Blogathon is July 29. This year, I'll be blogging for RAINN again.

Feed my writerbrain!

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Fellow Blogathonners: aurora_lamour, boutell, faecat, kimeepower, qassandra, seimaisin, shadowwolf13, slipjig, weofodthignen, and zarhooie!
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Today: Much mind-changing about what we were going to be doing, then my parents wandering off and me and Elayna watching Aquamarine, then dinner with everyone.

Tomorrow: Doctor, then spending the day out of town with the whiny aunt, odd uncle, crack-whore cousin-in-law, monosyllabic cousin, undermedicated batshitcrazyhypersociopathic second cousin, and new baby second cousin. And parents.

Thursday: Shopping for school clothes and supplies, Bodies exhibit, massage, dinner at Floataway.

Friday: Aquarium. Parents leave.

Saturday: Gathering at manifestress's. thryn in the evening?

Sunday: Chocolate tasting at museum.

Monday: Opthalmologist.

So Tuesday's the next unprogrammed day I have. (And Wednesday I have registration for middle school.)

I am right now vibrating out of my skin unable to concentrate from overload. So. Yeah. Please be patient with the 'song. Not so much up to communication right now.

EDIT: Okay, fuck the day out of town tomorrow. I'm staying home and resting. Elayna's cool with it, and I don't much care what anyone else involved thinks. I need decompression.
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