July 25th, 2006


Tew's Day

Happy birthday to lyssrose and storme! EDIT: and suzanna_o!

Hello to new reader liathaman!

...knew I forgot something. *takes brain drugs*
As for the pain... I really don't know that the Cymbalta's helping at all. Those of you who are on it - how long did it take to kick in?

Coffee helped kick the writerbrain into gear last night. Coffee is good.

On Intermittent Chronic Pain
gwynraven has an excellent post on the subject. This also applies to intermittent chronic fatigue like the epilepsy-drugs stuff. Now I have both. Go me. *laugh*

The best comparison of Neal Stephenson and Orson Scott Card ever.

The best hate-meme post ever.

Daily Science
Pretty math!

Daily BPAL
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Everyone here is a crazy person.


Thanks to katster and sparklymoon, I'm up to $1,071!

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Blogathon is this Saturday!

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Advice for first-time Blogathonners...

Taken from the second of three interviews I've done this year re: Blogathon:

...Advice for first-timers: Do not sit in front of the computer the whole time. That will exhaust you. Get up, walk around, do stretches! Stay active. Have other people stay up with you in shifts, if you can. Play music. Keeping your brain and body active will get you through this.

Man, I wish I could be with first-timer slipjig through this. I like to taunt the newbies - "You thought this was easy, huh?" That, and I could bite him to keep him awake.

I need a Blogathon icon!

EDIT: And at about Hour 18, you're going to be wishing I had a webcam, I tell you what. *nod*
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I'm blogging this

Compare and contrast.

Adoptive mom: "I heard that cold is bad for fibromyalgia. You shouldn't move to Boston, look what you're going to be doing to yourself."

Birthmom: "I'm sure you're probably very "up" on this research, but ran across it this morning and thought I'd send it. There are other articles on this on the Prevention website also. Hope you're well!" (Link)

There's a wrong way and a right way, y'all.

*writes thank-you e-mail to the supportive parent*
Talthar Kithrayna


She dropped down beside him, swift and catlike, and seized his chin, forcing him to meet her gaze. “You are too biddable.”

“Is this not what you wanted, Lishaya?”

“Your brother had fight in him. Your brother practically spat in my face. Yet you kneel.” She waited for a response; he refused to give it. “We shot him in the head,” she said. Quietly. Intimately. “He fell right there.” She spread her hand out to one side, toward the center of the room. “In the head, and then in the heart. And then your parents. And then your servants; we let the Hounds have them for sport. This room smelled of blood for days after.” She studied him. Stillness. “And you come here, a month after I did this. And you kneel.”

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See, the problem with Trileptal is that it makes me feel drunk.

And the problem with that is that I don't *like* feeling drunk.

Which is why I never get drunk.


But I have to take Trileptal eevery day.

This is a placeholder: Tomorrow, I will talk about Halloran and him being Adam's favorite character and his relationship with Capri. And stuff.

And now I will stagger off to bed.