July 24th, 2006



Dear Postman:

Please arrive.


Dear body:

Please give me a break. Waking me up at 4 AM makes the pain level worse, not better.


Dear writerbrain:

If I take a nap, will you come back?


Dear readers:

Things of substance shall be posted when I can think straight.

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More stuff that'll only make sense to BPAL people

Holy crap, I just got frimps of Hellion and Samhain '04.

And Black Lotus and Intrigue, but those are catalog scents. Hellion is superlimited, dude.

So today's mail =
Hellion, Samhain '04, Herr Drosselmeyer x2, Spooky, Cerberus, Intrigue, and Black Lotus, and two TALs - Concentration and Determination.

And two soap samples.

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