July 12th, 2006


Odin's Day!

Happy birthday to mycroftca and raptorgirl!

Hello to new reader xxx_whitestones!

Pain's a little better. Brain drug stuff has yet to be determined. Just took 'em. This is one day it'll pay to still be obviously fighting through side effects when I deal with someone. (Adam will be there to say things I forget.) Wish me luck!

Continuing with the vivid dreams on Ambien nights. This time, we were at my parents' house, and I found my old violin.

Daily Science
Thank You, Ma'am, May I Have Another?: A new study out of Scotland's University of Stirling reports that men will withstand more pain without complaint when they are being tortured by a woman rather than a man.

Mosquito love songs: What this means is that when two males meet, they try to synchronize, but they react to what their partner was doing just a moment before. Their "voices" dart up and down, each trying to meet the other, but never quite doing it. Two females, on the other hand, will slowly harmonize, but when one drifts away from the common frequency, the other may take a few seconds to try and match up. Their "voices" wander away from other other in slow rhythms. The only stable convergence is to match up a fast male and a slow female, where the male can rapidly lock in to her frequency, and she isn't reacting quickly to his frequency shifts.

Daily BPAL
Will do later. No time!
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Writing - XanaDuMalion


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I Hate It Here - Transmet

So. Yeah. Hi.

This wasn't a doctor doctor today.

It was a clinical psychologist.

So this was not about the physical stuff.

It was about "Hi! Let's see how mentally impaired you are!"


I'm... quite a bit impaired. And blatantly so.

Which is good for my disability case.

But pretty humiliating for me.

So. That's how things are for me right now.

I'm going to eat french fries and try to not actually cry regarding how much of my mind I've demonstrably lost.
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BPAL: Carnaval Diabolique

The scents were out at yesterday's Will Call. The forumites... did not write stuff down. *facepalm* See, I would have had the notebook out. But I was not there.


From wandering the forums, this seems to be what we're getting:

Xanthe The Weeping Clown (kind of like a cherry blowpop)

The Candy Butcher (sweet and dark) (super foody and chocolately but on the skin but it kinda lost the chocolate) (some vanilla?)

The Organ Grinder

MME Moriarty, the Misfortune Teller (almost smelled kinda smut-y at first, then as it dried down a peppery/woody note kinda came out, then about 2 hours later it was more sweet and vanilla-ish) (Very light and a little powdery)

Faith, the Siamese Twin (a beautiful lightly sweet scent with maybe a touch of floral)

Hope, the Siamese Twin (ROSE but different from Rose Red it was hard to say but it didn't seem green at all but more red and maybe slightly sweet)

Doc Constantine

(Female name that no one remembers), the Ringleader (rather buttery, perhaps the rum scent from earlier incarnations) (very sweet, buttery and yummy on the skin) (a nice golden scent)

Fire Eater or Fire Dancer (fire something)

And everyone is saying stuff like "Oh, I love the Siamese twins best of all!" but no one's saying what they smell like. And people love Hungry Ghost Moon, but no one's describing that, either. *exasperated huff*

And the *good* news...

Just got off the phone with my primary-care doctor's office... I'd called to see if I could get in to see the doc about the pain stuff, but said talking on the phone would also be fine, since she's busy. Got to talk to the secretary/nurse/whatever. Explained the situation, "and since Neurontin and Lyrica are both used to treat fibromyalgia *and* epilepsy, I was thinking we could kill two birds with one stone, if Dr. Z agrees." Waiting on a call back from Dr. Z or her office (they took down my pharmacy number so they could just call it in if Dr. Z agreed unquestioningly).

But! In the course of the conversation? They checked to see if my bloodwork had come back. And lo, it had.

And I do not have lupus. And I do not have rheumatoid arthritis. I do not have anything autoimmune.

So. There's a lot of crap I do have.

But there are some pretty big things that I do not have. So that is something!
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(no subject)

* Have an appointment with the primary care doc for Friday. Which is, as Kires would say, "well and well"... my medical situation is too complicated to really be resolved with a phone call!

* I have the cutest little stuffed Captain Jack Sparrow evar. He is from McDonalds. Yes. Johnny Depp is a happy meal toy. (His sword is so cute!)

* I have had a very nice massage from manifestress that is helping already.

* manifestress and I are Up To Something. *nefarious look*

* I get to see irana tomorrow!

So. Life = not so bad.