June 5th, 2006

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Time to go back to Atlanta.

I do not want to go.

That one sentence has so much behind it. And I'm too tired to articulate it. But I think you Know. And I'll be elaborating on it... probably tomorrow, as I'll be in airports and airplanes from 9 to 5.

I'm exhausted.

I am supposed to be here.

It has felt like this is my life. And I have to go back to not-my-life.

And I am feeling very resentful of that.

If it wasn't for my Spooky coming to visit, I wouldn't go back. I have enough offers of long-term crashspace (yes, where long-term = months) that I could just stay. (No, Spooky, don't blame yourself/worry - I should be going back to Atlanta.)

This is where I'm supposed to be, and I'm not the only one who damnwell knows it. Bloody hell.

Must shower. Must pack. Am upset. Am sleepdepped and feeling like a kindergartener stomping her boots and yelling "No! I don't wanna go! You can't make me!"

...yeah. That sums it up.
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Boston Trip Sign-up Sheet

We will be playing Poly Scheduling Jenga! I'm giving australian_joe dibs on my time for several reasons, one of the biggies being that I'll be able to hang out with a bunch of you Bostonians anytime I want soon, but he only comes over here a few times a year. But Joe has to make plans with others both first and concurrently. So I'm doing my own signup sheet here, and will do my best to accomodate everyone. It's best if you let me know more than one day/time you're available, and rank which is better for you. (Numbers beside reservation requests indict priority assigned by requestor.) I really do want to see as many of you as possible. And I have a whole week this time, yay! :) EDIT: And think outside the box - I am available for breakfast, lunch, and afternoon coffee, not just dinner... EDIT: And yes, this is open to those of you that I've not yet met. :)

My hotel is downtown, near Boston Common. You can come to me, or I can take the T to you! I will not have a car, just the T, so if you're not T-accessible, you'll have to come to me. :)

This post will stay at the top of my LJ until the trip's over.

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Music from 'song

I don't have time to play with YouSendIt, so right now, you only get the one song I know is online already...

"Stairway to Bootleg Heaven". Dolly Parton's cover of Stairway to Heaven + Eurythmics + Beatles + Beastie Boys + Pat Benatar + Laurie Anderson + Art of Noise. Freakin' brilliant. Halfway through listening to this, slipjig said, "Oh, there's the kitchen sink." This is my morning packing music and I *heart* it, and thank you, skintalker, for gifting it to me!

Reminders to self to post/send later:

"The Metro", as covered by System of a Down, for slipjig (the one cover song he doesn't already have!)
"Best Cock on the Block", by Bitch and Animal, for mgrasso
"Don't Ask", by Einstein's Little Homunculus, for dicotomygrrl

If I played a song for you this week and you said "OMG 'song I need that!" and it's not up here, comment! And yes, I still need to finish the "songs from my characters" thing. It'll be a long night on YouSendIt.

Y'all should send me stuff too.

And I'm off!

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I have arrived safely - and early, having managed to hop aboard an earlier flight in PA! - in Atlanta.

Note that I do not say "I'm home". Except in the sense that Adam is Home. Which was an odd bit of dissonance this week, the only dissonance.

I have so much to write about. After lunch/dinner.