May 9th, 2006


Tew's Day

The usual, and just took the drugs. EDIT: By the end of this post, feeling face/tongue tingly, brainfog, some coordination fuckery.

Target has red Kool-Aid!
As in "Don't drink the Kool-Aid." It is weird being in there first thing in the morning. They have pep rallies. Hour-long pep-rallies, all the employees gathered together in front by the shopping carts, bursting into applause at least once a minute.

Just - weird.

They do tend to have a bunch of employees roaming the store after the first half-hour or so, perkily asking if they can help the shopper find anything. What I needed was a Mother's Day gift for my grandmother, but I doubt they can help me when I can't even help myself. Anyway, I did get cards and wrapping paper, and made my saving roll against buying myself cute unnecessary accessories. Go go Gadget Budget!

Today's goals
* Wrapping Mother's Day gifts so they're ready to mail this afternoon. Elayna is making my birthmom a gift, so I can't seal that box yet.
* Cover letter/summary of epilepsy book. Editing up a decent first few chapters, if my brain's not dead.
* Editing skydiving article.

I was an utter zombie yesterday and got nothing done, so let's hope I can make some progress today! I'd also like to do some filing if I can manage it.

It occurs to me that, after Elayna makes gifts this afternoon, I can pack the craft/gift closet. And the winter coats, which also live there.

It's now 1/32 of a cannon. And there's scaffolding up at the Right Side of the Tracks. Hmmm.
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Zoe & Wash - by kylakae

Decisions are *hard*.

I put this here so you can drool as well.

My fabulous husband asks me: If, say, someone were to get you a Vosges basket, does the Italian
one strike you as niftier than the Fleurs de Chocolat? Asking because the latter is going away after this week.


See, they both look fabulous. I'd give the Collezione Italiano the nod, but the Fleurs de Chocolat is seasonal.... Agh.

Collapse )

Collapse )

Tarragon and rum and wildflower honey!

But but but cheese and Kalamata olives and sea salt!

*falls over*
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She blinded me with science!

Today, Miss Kid and I launched straight into her Spa Science kit - chemistry masquerading as girly stuff. I am pleased to tell you that she does not actually need to have her science masquerading as anything else in order to enjoy it; she digs it, particularly chemistry. "Let's throw the citric acid in and see what happens!" But this is a good excuse to use science to make a nifty birthday gift for my birthmom.

I just love going over chemical reactions with her and having her totally enraptured. I love finding out-of-the-box ways to present science, so she doesn't get it just out of dry textbooks and droning teachers - this, the Owl Puke kit...

Lucky mama!

In other news, I decided to go with the Italian Collection rather than the Fleurs. It's just more interesting. After I told Adam my decision, someone in my earlier thread pointed out that Vosges had just sold out of the Fleurs. I take this as proof of having chosen wisely. Don't ask how the logic works. Just know that the logic brings me chocolate with Kalamata olives.

Semi-related to the original topic - being a mom means always having a scrap of ribbon to decorate the handmade gift!

(No, I did not think 12 years ago that I would have a life that involved handmade bath products and spare ribbon, but that's a whole 'nother post.)
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