May 5th, 2006



Hello to new reader jope!

Happy birthday to catvalente!

Eleventy-quarkteenth verse, same as the first.

The Project
Hot damn, am I glad I'm off Keppra. The Keppra portion of this was the hardest to go through. Excerpt:
I feel the story, but it can't come through me. These drugs keep it from moving through me. The drugs that keep my brain from having electrical storms do other things to my mind, snarl things up. The story gets caught in there, tangled.
They don't take the story away. Nothing can. But they keep me from getting to it consistently. They keep it from getting out cleanly. They make of my head a wild snarl of thorns, and my mind can't move without bleeding.
The story changes shape when I try to push it through the thorns.

And I remember that feeling, the increasing panic at not being able to communicate at all...

Going through the early Trileptal stuff now. I'd forgotten that my vision used to scroll like a broken TV screen when I was starting on this stuff. Wacky adventures!

Planning Breaks
This part of the project, the yanking-things-out-of-LJ part, is now about half-done. So I need to plan breaks for today so I don't spend the entire day hunched over the computer. I have the new Francesca Lia Block book - I should read that today. Yes.

Hey, Friday meme!

An old shirt of kires's that I slept in, and jeans I hastily pulled on to be somewhat decent to take Miss Kid to school/Adam to work. Yeah, I'm a fashion plate.

The Grand Tour by Patricia Wrede and Caroline Stevermer. Coming up: Ruby, by Francesca Lia Block, and The Brass Man by Neal Asher.

Elayna Is Reading
Small Steps by Louis Sachar - the sequel to Holes.

I think you know that. Fictionwise, I still have Jessa stuff percolating around.

Got to get cleaning done. Adam's mom is visiting in a few weeks, and, well, spotless would be good. Unless we're half-packed, in which case cleaning this weekend is still good, as cleaning involves throwing away/packing for donation things we're never going to use again.

I see avivasedai on Sunday! She has a layover at Hartsfield. *boogies down* Just enough time for dinner.

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* I am feeling so work-avoidant.

* Cute bi guys are flirting in my e-mail!

* Operation Freefall has raised over $182,000!

* Hey! People took pictures at my Boston Birthday Party, and I've not seen them yet! Please to show me the pictures!

* I'm hungry. Therefore, I go now to feast upon the flesh of the living leftover pasta.
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I don't feel the need to explain my art

Eh? Wot?

The thing about working at home is that I have no time sense.

Granted, I had very little time sense even before. But there were natural demarcations of time. Work from 8 to 12, putter about the house, pick child up til 2:20, nap, be awakened by Adam at 5 or 5:30, dinner, bit of family time, bed.


Drop family off at school/work. Take meds. Go for walk, generally. Putter about the house naked. Have mental list of Things To Do. Keep getting distracted by other Things To Do, which take up variable lengths of time - unless I manage to drop into writerbrain, at which point I'm at the computer for several hours at a time longer than is healthy. I need to set up an alarm chime or something to make me get up and walk around, do some laundry, something, every hour or so. Because I do fall into this for hours. I resurface briefly, enough to think "I ought to take a break," which thought is always followed by "after just a little more work", thereupon which I fall back in and don't resurface for another three hours.

The "after just a little more work" impulse is there partly because I've got to view this as my job now, and I do have stuff that's reasonably close enough to completion that I feel guilty about taking breaks from it. I will not allow myself to slack off, especially as I'm not currently bringing in any money. I am stubborn to a fault.

"Yes, Oprah, I wrote it in two weeks. Philip K. Dick is my role model."

(Dick wrote most of his books in 8-10 days. Which I think I could do, in present circumstances ought not to attempt.)

In any case, I need to figure out some way to get a time sense, for my own good.
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