May 4th, 2006


Thor's Day

Happy birthday to arachne8!

The usual. And I don't know if I've mentioned, but I've weaned myself off the Celebrex.

I have been 'gnomed numerous times, but this is his signature pose: Collapse )

That was at my July 4 barbecue in '94. Yes, as I do this project, you will get little snippets of the past few years.

Like Muppet Babies, but Shayara
I wrote a really emotionally-difficult thing in '04 - Alanna, and what she does with a poor newcomer to the city who doesn't yet know enough to pick her out of a lineup. Harsh shit. So my brain needed sugar and fluff. So: Collapse )

There's more. You'd need insulin, though.

The Epilepsy Project
My problem is that once I get started on something, I charge right in and don't let up til it's over.

Which means I went through six-plus months of my journal yesterday. Resulting in emotional compression (this was the time of my diagnosis; of the breakup with a... y'know, words are insufficient; of the Vidicon Thing - and, on the good but likewise intense side, the beginning of my relationship with volta, and wedding planning!) and boogly eyes from too much staring at the screen, and total exhaustion.

I really need to take breaks today.

25K words, though.

Song of the Day
Here. Have some bagpipes! "Cabar Feidh", by the Wicked Tinkers.

I am unrepentant in my love of bagpipes.
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Wow. I'm really glad I just got dressed.

Meter reader at the window riiiight next to my chair. Eep! Had he been here ten minutes ago, he'd've gotten a hell of a show...

(What? I like nudity. And natural light.)

In other news, the cure for being glued to my computer all day and driving myself crazy? Calling static_eddie and saying "Hey! Be my movie buddy?" He is on his way over. Hence the whole clothed thing.
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Six Degrees

On my "approve links" page:

The Human Race as a Whole presumed the following relationship:
Has met

Okay, that's cute. :)
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Writing - XanaDuMalion

Character Love

I love all of my characters. You can tell because I put them through so much hell.

But the one who, if he really existed, I would fall madly into bed with?

Collapse )
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Katchoo - Terry Moore

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When you're having stabbing pains from being in the same position leaning over the computer for hours, and you're so tired and eye-boogly that nothing makes sense anymore, and the drugs you're writing about are kicking your ass hardcore? Might be time to go to bed.

NaNoWriMo says that a book becomes really and truly book-length at 50,000 words. I am at 51,970. I have achieved book. I have also achieved exhaustion.
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