April 27th, 2006


Thor's Day

Happy birthday to nomadmwe!

The usual, and a bit of brainfog. Think I'll go for a walk after this.

Do the dumb things I gotta do
I'm writing a sestina. Because it's hard, that's why. (No, this is not the Project I referenced yesterday.)

I'm jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. I should be nervous, right? Why am I not nervous?

That post will be forthcoming. I just got my brain snagged in another direction and have to run with it!

One-Word Writing Prompt
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(no subject)

Creative energy + spare time + a credit card = even more projects, this one a joint Adam/'song project. You will like it. Oh yes. As soon as we have the together-time to bring it to completion.

Now I'm going to go for a walk before I give myself any more writing projects.
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SillyMe - Photognome

Energy go now.

Today's big project: going through the 650+ unanswered LJ comments and answering those that still need to be answered, bookmarking links sent, deleting comments that don't need answers.

After that - but probably not today - going through Gmail, which only has about 75 e-mails in need of response.

Need to get caught up, get my shit together, as I have business-type stuff (the chapbooks, con info, et cetera) in that morass.

My iTunes loves Oysterband today. Which is making me think of cos. Hi, cos!

Placemarkers for posts:

* Pi-Con
* Last-minute Operation Freefall appeal
* The story of how I got to beat ragingamazon
* The porn post
* The story of how a decision I always tortured myself about turned out to be the right decision after all. At long last, absolution...

But first, I continue my spring cleaning.
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Sick Hippo

dancing change

I still can't look back at my journal entries from the day of my diagnosis without crying.

I thought I could. You'd think I'd be able to. It's a distance of two and a half years.

From that day: Sometimes you look back on a day years later and realized that that's when your life changed.

Sometimes you know that your life has just changed as it's happening. Sometimes you feel it happen.

So okay, I'll go ahead and announce this now - one of my big new projects is a book about my epilepsy. About the illness itself, about coming to terms with it, about the medication crap. It's essentially mostly written, scattered 'round two years of my LJ. I think it would be good to gather it all in one place. It'll be a little rough on me. But worth it, I think.

Nothing's ever easy. But it's a lot easier if you're not alone. So here you go: my voice.
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Mommy & Elayna

The Cool Mom

When Elayna and her friends emerged from chess club, I was sitting on the bench outside the school, reading. There was the customary chorus of "Hi, Elayna's Mom!", and I "hi"ed back.

Elayna: "What are you reading?"

With a sly grin, I held aloft... Fruits Basket volume 11.

Elayna: *explodes*

Ten girls: *gather around to see why Elayna is exploding*

Elayna: "Omigod you got 11 omigod omigod squee yaaaaay!!!"

A.: "Omigod Elayna you are so lucky. My mom doesn't let me buy manga. My mom would never read manga. I so want to read Fruits Basket!"

Me: "If your mom's okay with you with you reading it, A., you could borrow ours."

A. and Elayna: *explode*

I'm serious about the exploding. These girls were gibbering about the awesomeness of manga and moms who read manga and loan out their manga and omigod omigod in tones that only dogs could hear. There were very fierce hugs going on.

I am the cool mom, apparently.

Elayna shattered eardrums when she found out that I'd bought her volumes 11 and 12.
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(no subject)

I'm poring through years-old entries to extract important epilepsy stuff. This will result in you guys getting a bunch of reruns. But hey, if you've friended me in 2004-2006, it's new to you!

One thing I saw - and I'd post this as my Friday Audience Participation thing if I thought I'd remember to - was this musing about the guy I based my character Halloran on.

J., you are the reason tall men turn my head. You are why I fetishize large hands. You are why I love men in kilts. Hell, you are part of why I love Celtic music.

So much imprinting, just on that one person!

Think about who you imprinted on, when, why, about what.

Tell me about it.
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