April 25th, 2006


Tew's Day

Hello to new reader domina_lilith!

The usual: Exhaustion + nausea, just took brain drugs so let's see.
Concert-related: My left ring finger is swollen and discolored. I have pictures! And my wrist is aching, too. Too much clapping! Gwyn and I were jello last night from bouncing around like that, but, y'know - Great Big Sea! Plans today are to go right back to bed.

Getting Old
Gwyn and I were talking about Shayara at lunch yesterday, about her favorite indelible moments. And Gwyn has a bit of a backstage pass, so, unlike most of you, she knows exactly what happens when Tessa's group finds Julia (one of her favorites). And one of our mutual favorites is that image of Capri, during the Purges, back against the wall and shielding desperately.

And I realized that my daughter is now the age Capri was when the Purges happened.

That's a mindfuck.

And now I am back to bed.

EDIT: I have not been reading my friendslist, due to presence of Gwyn. Tell me what I'm missing!
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Short Chick - khaosworks


Being awakened by museumfreak with "There are air conditioning repairmen who want to come in" = not on my list of favorite things.

Note to landlady - make appointments. Appointments are good. Surprises when I'm sound asleep? Not good. It's a pretty binary state of things.

It's a good thing I was wearing pajamas.

*sigh/growl* Coffee. Coffee now.
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(no subject)

I am clearly not allowed to sleep today. In consequence, I hate the universe.

Brunched, dropped museumfreak off, got back home, settled in to nap. *Just* when I got to sleep - phone rings.

"Hi! I'm a nurse in Doctor P's office, calling about a study you might be interested in..."


"...did I wake you up?"


"I'm sorry!"

"Is okay. Go 'head."

She describes the study, which actually sounds interesting - they've developed an IV formulation of Lamictal, and are looking to see how long it takes to metabolize. 24-hour hospital stay, plus daily blood draws for a week. Would probably pay like gangbusters. But...

"Actually - I'm not on Lamictal anymore."

"Oh! You're not?"

"Nope. Trileptal. And Zonegran. Not Lamictal. So you probably couldn't use me." And I'm actually not even Dr. P's patient anymore. She transferred me to Dr. L. Both doctors suck, but L was at least willing to try me on more than two medications.

And no, they couldn't use me. Not that I'd be willing to switch back to Lamictal if I had to do it for longer than a week anyway; that's the drug that caused me to drop the first 30 pounds, in the span of two months.

So. Yeah. Awake now. Again.

Side note: I find it amusing that it is assumed that epileptics don't work, since the meds make it so difficult to do so. Amusing and reassuring, actually - I feel less like a slacker when reminded that, by continuing to work, I was in the minority.

Note to self for tomorrow: Write post about porn.
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SillyMe - Photognome

Mmmm. Food. (http://starprovisions.com/) (Gwyn's birthday dinner)

Robert Stemmler pinot noir
Cheese course - four types (two cow, one goat, one sheep)
Gnocchi with morel mushrooms
Chocolate torte with chantilly cream

Robert Stemmler pinot noir
Kobe beef tartare
Georgia trout with butter-braised spinach
Chocolate torte with chantilly cream
Hibiscus tea

Juju Ginger beer
Sauteed softshell crab with bacon and sherry sauce
Porcetta (sauce not remembered) on a bed of crostini
Rhubarb brown butter tart with creme fraiche sorbet

Shrimp & risotto
Chocolate sorbet

And generally everyone had something of everyone else's, particularly the appetizers.

Iiiiii am so overfull. We are all full. And I am minor-grade tipsy. I *heart* the wine. And I think I've lost a little weight recently, so I need the food. Oh, yes. Food in the 'song.


Now, bedtime for shrimp-filled child.
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