April 14th, 2006



Hello to new reader holophote!

Exhaustion + nausea. Wrist still ungood. Have not taken meds yet, so I expect further developments!

Um. Nothing. :)

Nothing at this moment - the books I packed for the plane are The Brass Man by Neal Asher and Thinner Than Thou by Kit Reed.

Elayna is Reading
Small Steps by Louis Sachar - the sequel to Holes!

Boston Boston Boston! My big dilemma right now = suitcase or backpack? I can probably get away with just the backpack. Hm.

Hi! How are you?
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In Boston. Stealing wireless from the library across the street, most likely. Well-fucked, with hair that tells the tale. *runs fingers through tangled mess* And commenting on his LJ while he sits about two feet from me, playing KoL.

<---also dork

But yes. Uneventful flight and Italian food and sex, all very good things!
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Also - I wrote two and a half segments for the primer today. *pets laptop* All "nonfiction" history-lesson bits. About the government of Shayara (original 21-House system and permutations thereof, Council) and then some of the recent-history stuff. The quiet rebellions, and the beginning of the retaliation that led to the Purges.
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