March 8th, 2006

Figuring shit out

State of the 'song

Body: Woke up from the wrist pain again last night. Been exhausted but unable to sleep all day - the body is weary, but the brain is hyperactive! Other body note: Have been seriously craving red meat all week. And no, I'm not in the Throes of Womanhood.

What's the brain been up to? Well...

Writing: I'm mentally assembling the "government" part of the primer; hopefully soon I'll have it together enough to dictate to Adam. 21 H/houses, each with their own role... my brain is detail-oriented, dammit!

Travel: Have plane tickets for Boston trip; had good planning-type conversation last night. I must reiterate that if you don't go to my Boston birthday party and have not already played with me, you won't see me on this trip! If you have played with me and are not the Craftsman - the Craftsman and I are working on scheduling, so... TBA. (This is simply because the Craftsman and I actually need some time to get to know each other better (the actual purpose of the trip), which can't be accomplished if I'm always darting off to lunch or dinner with other people.) Truly, the only way to see the people I care about nearly enough is to move to Boston.

Boston: Adam has a good lead that he may get a call from today. Is this eating my brainmeats? Hell yes.

Girl Scout Cookies: Girl Scout Cookies are here! $3.50 a box. Please PayPal me at shadesong AT Cookies being batch-shipped to other cities will go out as soon as I have all of the money from that location; at that point, I'll know shipping cost and can tell you what your share is.

Flirtation: The Craftsman and my new flirt-person make me happy.

Elayna's Birthday: Her party is Saturday. My parents and birthmom will be here... um, less than 48 hours from now. Aii! The house is a mess and must become spotless by the time we go to bed tomorrow night, and I cannot do much cleaning! I can wipe down the countertop left-handed, yes, but I cannot carry a loaded laundry basket without eXtreme pain. Erf. So there's that, and also just party planning. What to do for favors? Decoration? And I have to review the entire plot of this mystery-in-a-box kit.

It's Not Soup Yet: I have a lot of thoughts percolating, mostly regarding relationships... but they are, as Spooky would say, Not Soup Yet. Incomplete. Not ready for prime time. And the problem is, normally I suss thoughts out by writing; if I just sit there and stream-of-consciousness type, sense-making things come out. And I can't do that right now. So the process is slower.

So many things in the brainmeats. *clutches temples* Aii! I need to have Elayna write stuff-to-do out on index cards for me. It helps when I can *look* at everything; it's so much bigger when it's all tangly in my head.

Um. I think I'm done typing for now. *nod*
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Tiala - xana art

shayara writerbrain

My world starts with the apocalypse.

The Fall.

And everything after is people who've had their everything torn away trying to make sense of what happened to them. A whole race of people who, centuries later, know that something bad happened, but don't know just what, and are struggling for healing.

I had not thought of it that way before.
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Regarding Elayna's teacher: But wait! There's more!

Wednesday's homework is always dictation; I read out a paragraph that includes ten of her 25 spelling words, she copies it down, et cetera.

Today, I threw down the paper in disgust.

And proceeded to whip out my green pen, because my red pen is missing, and make corrections.

The first sentence?

"Recently a series of hoaxes were filmed at Universal Studios."

No. No. No. AAAAAGH. No.

It's not just that this woman sticks an apostrophe in basic plurals.

But she has no freakin' concept of basic subject-verb agreement.

I sat down with Elayna and explained to her that a series were not filmed. It is possible that several series were filmed. But a series was filmed.

She also wrote "cells" for "cellos" and "you" for "your". But that's just typo-ing and laziness. The subject-verb agreement thing is the inexcusable one.

This person teaches children.

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