March 7th, 2006

Magical Drama Queen Roxy!


88 88 88!

I gained three pounds!


I gained. Three. Pounds.


*giddy laughter*

I am no longer in immediate danger of being put on IV nutrients. And I'm only two pounds away from escaping the danger zone.

I gained weight. The proton pump inhibitor helped.

Something helped. Something worked. Two-plus years, and finally, finally, something worked.

I am all in happy tears over here. You don't know what it's like. Two-plus years, losing almost half my starting body weight, losing half of my hair, none of my clothes fitting, my bones protruding, looking more like abstract art than like a human being, test after test after fucking test and the numbers always falling...

...and finally, finally, something is working.


Three pounds.

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Writing - XanaDuMalion

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It drives me crazy that I can't show you one of the best things I've written recently.

Not just because of heavy typing... Adam's willing to type for me.

Because of what it would spoil.

Those of you who follow Shayara have seen the gifts of most of the seven Great Houses already. Tamra's empathy and healing. L'Arath's telepathy (that one's the easiest, of course). Lhri'nahr's elemental affinity, Bartomn's shielding, Tarak's bloodreading. A very few of you have seen Zirothi ritual magic, even.

You haven't seen the gift of House Narsan.

Not every Dasaroi gets reborn. And even when they do, they're between for a while. And that's House Narsan's gift - they speak to the dead.

I am critical of my writing; most of what you see here doesn't qualify as good enough, in my eyes. But this...

I wrote a scene that gave me goosebumps. Kieran, stepping into his power, reaching out...

...and I can't show you. Because then you'd know about some fairly significant deaths that will happen at the end of Act Two.

It's Kieran, more Kieran than he's ever been, showing a part of himself that not even Capri has ever seen... and... I can't show you.

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