March 4th, 2006

Everyone here is a crazy person.

*falls over*

Holy crap, I am so exhausted. That's what... um... one, two, three, many glasses of wine will get you. That plus not going to bed til 3. Oh, hey, that's why the meds are kicking my ass - I took my nighttime and morning meds too close together. Common sense did not enter into any part of last night, y0.

Last night was ydnic + adrian76, museumfreak, Vandy Beth, static_eddie, irana + her husband and daughter, skyra, and arachne8. Last night was belting show tunes and, when I realized that Skyra also knew the words to one of my favorite songs, "Homecoming Queen's Got a Gun." Last night was hoochie-mama dancing and, toward the end of the night, a nicely grope-y girlpile. Last night was tortellini with pesto and pierogies and potato salad and pie, and we actually never got to the rest of the desserts! Last night was shoe mishaps and exposed multiply-pierced vaginas (not mine). And I have forgotten all of the quotable quotes, because, um - I think it was either four or five glasses of wine. (FYI, Wishing Tree shiraz is subpar. The rest of the wine was quite nice, though.)

And I'm a little out of it because I am so meds-fucked. But I promised I'd post the list of who was here. *nod* (And yes, Adam is helping me with the typing!)

The party will resume tomorrow night with a field trip to see the gay cowboy movie. And then there will be more pie. And cake. We just got too wacky last night. Forgot the cake. So skyra, just let us know when you can be here so we can plan the expedition; you're the one traveling from afar!

Oh! And. Date grab. April 1 = a sex toy party at my house. *nod*
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