March 3rd, 2006

Capri - xanadumalion


Let's try to do something like a real 'songpost, shall we?

Happy birthday to servermonkey and solcita!

Hello to new readers deadwinter, fellow 'townie theicequeen, mantycore, and vonandmoggy! (If I missed anyone, poke me!)

The usual, + brainfuckery this morning. Exhaustion is severe, and I must nap before dinner tonight.

Wrist still in quite a lot of pain. Abdominal pain last night, but not this morning; I hope it's not from the finally-obtained Celebrex!

Adam is home! *dances* I missed him so much. And he came bearing chocolate! And the best gift ever. Which I'm sort of holding close to my chest, at least for now (but no, it wasn't a vibrator). Suffice to say that I have the most wonderful husband in the world.

That's New relationship Energy, as in new friendship energy; I am in giddy infodump stage, so much so that the person will be calling me tomorrow, because the info-exchange in e-mail threatens my overcompensating left hand.

"She's in love with the world"
I really am. (No, not with above person.) But I do very often feel all "Glee! Everyone is so shiny!" And I like that.

Chocolate brown panne velvet cleavagey shirt. Jeans. "In Heat" panties. Sushi socks.

Still Christina, Queen of Sweden. Elayna is reading Wee Free Men. Crivins!

Birthday dinner tonight! Girl Scout cookie pickup tomorrow! Otherwise? Wrist-resting.

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