February 27th, 2006

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...y'know, it's a good thing I have the ability to laugh at my body's wacky hijinks.

Even while saying "Hey! That's not fuckin' funny!"

*shakes head*
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Voice Post:

657K 3:15
“I am Jack's total exhaustion. I didn't sleep well last night; I had a hard time getting to sleep because Adam's out of town and I never sleep well alone in the bed. It's just too quiet. I mean, he snores. And he'll tell you he doesn't, but he does. And when he's not snoring it's because he's not in bed yet, and that means the TV is on. So there's always some degree of noise somewhere in the house when I go to sleep, and last night there wasn't, so it just sort of... took me a while.

Besides that, I woke up during the night with pain again. As I've been waking up during the night with wrist pain for several weeks now, and it's really getting old. Um, I wish, at least, I could get the Celebrex, but it's too expensive, and I can't get a call back from the doctor's office, et cetera. It sucks.

Let's see. Um. The wrist. The wrist is hurting an extra lot right now, because I was sent back to work today, despite what my physical therapist has to say about it. They go by the doctor, and the doctor (as I have already mentioned) was an idiot. Um. Work pretty much has to have me back, simply because the doctor's note said that I could work if I just didn't type. Unfortunately, there's really nothing to do there but type. So. It was a very boring day at work, which really didn't help the exhaustion level.

Hm. What else? Elayna has been very helpful. She made me breakfast this morning. She made me waffles. <laughs> And she's, she's an all-around really great kid, and especially with the wrist thing going on, I'm really lucky to have her.

Let's see, what else. I think that's about it for right now. I had a list of other things in my head that I wanted to talk about, and I have completely forgotten them. And... I guess I will make another voice post later if I remember any of them.

But, yes. I'm alive, and I'm in pain, and I'm really tired and I really, really miss my husband, and I miss everyone, and oh! Another thing!

My Boston birthday party is going to be April 15th. I'm going to be in Boston April, probably 14th, the afternoon of, through the 16th. And I am there for a specific reason, so I'm not going to be hanging out with people outside of that party. Um, it'll just be the one chance to get together with me there. I'm sorry, but hopefully I'll be up there soon enough, and I will have as much time as I need to hang out with everybody. But this is a very, uh, targeted visit.

And I think that's it for right now. I know, terribly boring. You can ask me questions and stuff if you want and I'll answer them in my next voice post. And, damn I wish I could type, but I am just in a hell of a lot of pain right now, so.

I am actually going to get some ice and ice my wrist and maybe watch CSI or something. I can't watch Babylon 5 because I have to wait for Elayna. She's addicted now, which is not a bad thing at all. And that's it. I keep saying that's it, but that's really it for now.

Okay, bye-bye.”

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Voice Post:

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“Also, also! I forgot to say! Thursday: this Thursday? Is my birthday. And I demand ale and whores. That is all.
Actually, no, that's not all. I don't actually drink ale, so if you could make that chai, or at least a good coffee, that would be great, but keep the whores, and add some chocolate maybe. And...
Okay! Thursday's my birthday. And I'll be 32. And thank you, bye-bye. That really is all.”

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The voicepost has big chunks missing from transcription. The most important part:

My Boston birthday party is April 15.

Said in voicepost: this will be people's only time to see me this trip, as this trip has a Purpose and is very targeted.

eVites will go out as soon as the location is decided. (My host's living space may be inadequate for a 'songparty; I may ask for volunteers.) But the date's set.

(EDIT: Can someone please transcribe the missing chunks of voicepost? Is too much typing for me! )