February 17th, 2006


(no subject)

...pain sucks. got no sleep last night. sleep now.

...weird-pagan-shit people - any of you feeling something off/askew/impending? i ask for a friend.

...audience participation - do you cross your 7s? your zs? (I do.)



UnWilly just sent me casts and scrolls of drastic healing in KoL.

In answer to question re status of wrist: I just showered and washed my hair. And now I never want to wash my hair again. Motherfuckin' ow.

Getting slightly better typing with left hand.

Big danger: catalog shopping out of boredom. Yes, we need a better bed. But not til Boston. Goal is to take as little furniture as possible, save money on moving truck. It's a very pretty metal sleigh bed, it's on sale - but there will be pretty beds on sale when we get to Boston.

Left hand shaking now. I go watch tivoed olympics.