February 9th, 2006


Thor's Day

Hello to new reader kennycelican!

The usual. And I'm still wearing the wrist brace. Ow. That's not good.

Book Fair!
Yes, school book fair. Much of the yay. :) Elayna got three books and a diary. She likes to use the covers of diaries or blank books as writing prompts. A purse-shaped notebook prompted "The Perfect Purse" (the purse, of course, is cursed); this one has a cat and dog and says "Whispers and Tails". 'Twill be interesting to see what she does with that.

In other Elayna news
She has printed out an anatomically correct picture of a human heart to use on her valentines. Yes, this was her idea.

I love my daughter. :)

In other - ooh, shiny!
The good thing about having almost no short-term memory? I forget that I'm expecting packages, so everything's a surprise when it gets here. Thanks for the BPAL samples, kizlj, and the book, norilana! Reviews will be forthcoming.

I might be doing a photo shoot tonight; depends on whether photognome's day job works him to the bone. If I do:

* corset
* leather vest
* something involving my weaponry.

Any other ideas?
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I think I broke the bunny.

EDIT: Yes, again. Yes, this is number four or five, I think. My vagina is mighty.
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