February 1st, 2006


Odin's Day

Hello to new reader triskele and returning reader cafferine!

The usual - with bonus tremors! Tremors are worse in the right hand today, and are bad enough to make typing slightly difficult.

Today kicks of nonficwrimo! Check out the community for details. Don't worry, it's less intense than NaNoWriMo, wordcount-wise. I'm going to be trying to wrap up "Walking on Water". Yes, James Frey has fucked things up for memoirists. Grr. But I want to complete it if only for me.

Typing is hard, so that's all for now.
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Sister Mystic - X'Ana/Shrijani

*thrilled near to speechlessness*

I have a spear.

The Scholar, the friend I made over my New Year's break with Spooky, an old friend of Spooky's... makes them. I saw three at the New Year's party, particularly admired one, this gorgeous thing just the right height for me - like Tiala's on page 4 of the Shayara bit in Shooting Star #6, frankly, which I told him, except that this one had gorgeous evil little barbs down its length. A gae bulga. I swear it was near a sexual thing, seeing that spear.

And I guess he could tell. Because he made me one.

Was surprised to get a package today with no name on the return address - what looked like a poster tube. And what slid out, I thought it was a walking stick until I saw the leather sheath at one end and the glint of metal. And said "Oh my god, it's a spear. The Scholar made me a spear." He wrote me a letter on parchment, a dedication of sorts to the spear, and bound it beautifully to the spear with green ribbon, Tiala's House color, and bound the sheath on with leather and a bone ornament carved with spirals.

I am.... all I can say is "I have a spear."

Oh, wow.

Yes, pictures will follow.

I have a spear.

I am almost in tears, I'm so moved. This was so exactly what my spirit needed, and I'd had no idea I needed it.
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