January 28th, 2006

Capri - xanadumalion

:) :) :)

A lot of people who read both Spooky and I have already figured out who we are to each other. I call her Spooky because she works for a haunted house, has done lots with the haunt industry. She calls me Story. So yeah, it's not hard to figure out, if you happen to know both of us.

And she kinda outed us last night in her LJ, so I'll kinda do the same. I'll probably still call her Spooky a lot, just because she is mah Spooky.

But now you know, and I can say "OMG isn't she cute and smart and funny and shiny and nifty and am I not so lucky?" And y'all can say "Yes".

And I have a big ol' grin on my face. :)
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Everyone here is a crazy person.

Kingdom of Loathing familiars

* I named my ghost pickle on a stick Cary Elwes. I have no idea why.

* Life with 'song and Adam...

Adam: "Dating [person*] doesn't make sense. Zero intelligence, zero personality. It's like dating the pet rock from Kingdom of Loathing. 'You attack. [Person] just lies there doing nothing. ... You win the battle. [Person] gains a pound!'"**

(* not anyone I've dated)
(** yes, this is the geekiest household EVAR; now I need to get off the computer so Elayna can equip her new baby gravy fairy and take her KoL turns for today.)
(Does anyone need a snowy owl familiar? I have the wand and a fuckton of yo-yos, I could totally whip you up one.)
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Capri - xanadumalion

Random Victor thought

If Victor had an LJ, a few years prior to Where Our Story Begins, I can totally see him posting the following...

Note to self: You are not allowed to fantasize about Capri. She's like the Kirayth's kid sister, and she's not yet of age, and she's Halloran's kiri'totharan, and dude, if Fenris knew, he would pound you into a fine mist.

EDIT: Especially the kinky fantasies. Stop.

ALSO EDIT: Avoid telepaths. For at least a year. Dammit.

(He's only two years older than her, and she's at this point only a year away from being legal, so the underage thing is uncreepy.)