January 21st, 2006

Writing - XanaDuMalion

*is stumped and silly*

I never feel less creative than when I'm trying to come up with a pseudonym for a shy(ish) new lover/playmate/whatever.


My brain goes to Shayara, actually. Because - and this will likely draw the image of him in the mind of no one but m0usegrrl - he looks very Telenias-out-of-Narsan. By which I mean that, during the Fall, House Telenias was obliterated (which is why we only have two Telenias at a time around these days; the rest of the house goes by Tallart now (yes, that second "house" is supposed to be lowercase, it's complicated)), but the souls didn't go away. They came forth not through new Telenias, because there were no Telenias left to breed, but through the other Houses. So this particular guy looks very like first-or-second-post-Fall-generation Telenias born through House Narsan - strong traits of both.

Which, like I said, helps no one but me and maybe X'Ana. Actually, X'Ana can probably draw him fairly accurately now. *laugh*

Spooky was easy. The naming. Spooky herself is no tramp. :)

This one, I must dwell on.

And yes, everyone at Arisia knows who he is, pretty much, and he's fine with that; he's just not ready for the thousand-person-spotlight.

Argh. *flops backwards*

Also, must ask the girl I flogged if I can use her name In Public or just in the SexFilter. Well. She reads me, so - hey, can I? Respond in comments if yes, e-mail if no? Or e-mail if yes. Erk. Meds are ungood. (She called me pretty in her LJ!)

Yeah. perldiver, upon hearing about the guy, said "You do well at Arisia." Yes. Apparently I do.

Anyone who knows the guy can feel free to submit pseudonym ideas. But I won't use anything for him that'll get me hurt more than I was Sunday, 'cause sugar, I am *still* owie.
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