December 27th, 2005


Tew's Day

Happy birthday to quillismightier and filmzombie74!

The usual. And I still don't have my biopsy results. EDIT: *Really* bad tremors day. Like whoa.

Hanukkah Hunks
The first Hunk of Hanukkah is up at hanukkah_hunks! You're welcome. :) Second one will go up when I get home today.

Kingdom of Loathing
Adam finally got me on Kingdom of Loathing. How? By logging off to go take a shower and saying "Okay, you can play now." I think I'd leveled up by the time he got back. I'm Shadesong there, too. La!

I am cool with this because my only objection was that I needed to not have another Timesuck. KoL = very limited number of turns per day. So. Okay.

Not Goin' Back
Too much to catch up on. Not going to read the weekend's worth of posts. You tell me what happened, 'k?

My favorite gift - video iPod. *dances*

Right, then. Work now.
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PSA! - by Zarhooie


My birthmom's jambalaya recipe! It wasn't very spicy; I'll probably experiment with spicing it up. But this is what she sent.

2 pounds shrimp or chicken
1 pound smoked sausage
2 cups Uncle Ben's converted rice
½ cup bell pepper- I use the frozen seasoning mix
½ cup onion- I use the frozen seasoning mix, which includes onion, bell pepper and celery
1 can french onion soup
1 can beef bouillon- or use one bouillon cube dissolved in 2 cups of hot water.
1 large can tomato sauce
1 large can rotel tomatoes
1 stick of butter

Mix all in large baking pan. Sprinkle with garlic and Tony’s
Bake uncovered 1 hour at 375-degree oven
Stir after ½ hour.

I think the "Tony's" is probably the seasoning mix...? I'll ask her. But. There you go.
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SillyMe - Photognome

(no subject)

I am a silly girl who develops crushes way too easily.

Way, way too easily.

And erf! I do not even know if I'll be interested in the person in person/Real Life/meatspace, because yes, cute pictures, but physical chemistry is based on more than cuteness - so I shan't go shooting my mouth off about it yet.

But. Yes. *eyeroll* Silly.

I would flop back on my bed dramatically right now, were I home. But I am at work. So instead, I will tap a stack of grade rolls decisively on my desk, then file them. Because that's how I roll.
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Julia in color - xanadumalion

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I really need a punching bag.

I'm frustrated. I'm not raging. I'm just frustrated. I have a situation where the solution is Right There and I have to be patient and wait for other people, and things keep happening that make me want to throw my hands up in the air and go "AAAAAGH!!!" and.... I want to be past this already. These are the things that have to happen. Let's make them happen and move on. Can we? Please? Because I don't have the bandwidth for this to be the kind of constant Thing that it is/has been.

And it's not a rage-y thing. I'm not infuriated, like I was for one brief cold shining moment last week. I don't feel like breaking things. I just think a punching bag could be very useful right now.

Especially since I can't take a damn walk, because if I do, the people from GI will call the instant I leave the house. Need biopsy results. Medical shit gets priority over everything else, as always.

*closes eyes* *tips head back* *exhales* Okay.
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Dancer/Holy Ground - by Iroshi

(no subject)

ayalanya is my favorite person right now, for reasons you will see at Arisia. If you are a hetero or bi male or a gay or bi female, you may wish to thank her.


Yes, still frustrated, but improved by impending awesomeness.

I will do one of those you-guess-the-song things, since those tend to make me smile.

1. "There's a pint upon the table, there's another on the way" -- The Prodigals, "Happy Man", childofchaos

2. "If you don't say it's wrong, then that says it's right."

3. "I try to keep my faith alive/I'm close enough to trip the wire." -- KMFDM, "Terror", emohdee

4. "Tuck those ribbons under your helm and be a good soldier..." -- Tori Amos, "Mother", caulay

5. "Tugging at the darkness, word upon word" -- Peter Gabriel, "Mercy Street", velvetsteel

6. "We dig Optimus Prime and not Galvetron." -- Pop Will Eat Itself, "Can U Dig It", mangosteen

7. "When you’re in the company of strangers/Or just the strangers you call friends" -- Gin Blossoms, "Hold Me Down", badlittlemonkey

8. "Give me your reason, give me your rhyme, so I can tempo me to your time" -- Carbon Leaf, "On Any Given Day", jmspencer

9. "I think my body is as restless as my mind" -- Ani DiFranco, "Roll With It", enderfem

10. "Take away this safety net, bring me my trapeze" -- Oysterband, "The Shouting End of Life", crickie
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Everyone here is a crazy person.

Speaking of Arisia...

Just got my panel info, which means you other panelists just got yours, so: rosefox? happypete? Are you on the "BDSM and Geeks" panel with me? (EDIT: docorion is! Yay!)

Of the two LJ panels, I'm on the "Unlocked: Secrets of LiveJournal Revealed" one, which is an LJ for beginners thing; I'm on that one because I have Technical Expertise (read: I can write basic HTML and maintain communities and whatnot). There were apparently ~40 people applying to be on LJ panels, is why I'm not on both. (I responded to that with "In that case, thanks for making sure I made it onto one of them! :)")

Also "Blogging for Writers", "No capes! Non-superhero comics", "Blogging as Artistic Medium", and "Psychoanalysis of the Superhero". If I have to drop stuff, I'm most likely to drop "Blogging For Writers/as Artistic Medium", because I feel that there are other people who can do just as good a job there, whereas I feel that I have better/more unique input on the comics panels - they don't tend to have comics writers at Arisia, at least not so's I've noticed.


EDIT: Point against dropping "Blogging for Writers" - I'm on it with nihilistic_kid. !!!

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...why do I have an mp3 of a men's choir singing "Blasphemous Rumours?"

Where did this come from?

It hurts. In the right way, mind you.

One of you must have done this to me.
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