December 15th, 2005


Thor's Day

The usual. Would you believe I went to bed at 8:30 last night?

Medical adhesive allergy still in effect. Meaning I have the rough painful itchy welts from having worn electrodes for no longer than an hour, two days ago. *claws at upper chest and neck like a dog with a too-tight collar*

Sekrit Message
Humans. Argh!

Should we talk about the weather?
There are few things more annoying than 35-degree rain in a city where one gets a snow day for the tiniest flurry. *wishes hard for a drop in temperature*

Without going into too much detail: the registrar's office did something stupid and annoying. A professor that I'm not normally a big fan of ripped them a new one. Result? They have rescinded the stupid and annoying thing. I almost want to hug him. Not really. But I'm grateful. Today will be a good day. :)

I was not in the last war at scrollwheel. I am in this one. They're anonymous now, which is keen. :)

People who were rejected: it's only because they want to grow slowly. They'll start taking new people again now. Reapply.
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Writing - XanaDuMalion


Shayara House politics and linguistics stuff that the casual reader probably won't've picked up on yet:

The ni' prefix on the House name denotes one of the seven Great Houses. Julia ni'Tamra. Donna ni'Tarak. Kieran ni'Narsan.

It does not denote the rank within the House. Other people in the House, non-Kithrayna, have the same prefix. Victor ni'Narsan. John ni'Tarak.

What the lack of the ni' prefix denotes is membership in one of the lesser Houses. Examples being Alexander Telenias. Kelly Tallart. Joseph Keleyn.

This is the sort of thing that'll go on the inside front cover of the comic or TPB, as there's really no smooth way to explain it within the text until way into Volume I; you don't Need To Know, but it probably helps.
Capri - xanadumalion

(no subject)

3,000+ words on Victor's thing.

Is this what I'm supposed to be working on? No.

Am I enjoying it? Yes. His first patrol with Joseph, the learning of some rules, and some fun banter with a terribly curious young Capri...

Question, dear readers: What do you call the thingie they give you to carry more than one cup of coffee? He had a bag of muffins and two cups of coffee and I just said "coffee-carrier" for the time being but I'm thinking there's probably a name for it.
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