December 14th, 2005


Odin's Day

Happy birthday to cislyn!

Hello to new readers cafferine and chuckmckeithan, and returning reader ianhess!

Exhaustion + nausea like whoa. I think I'm going to spend most of today-after-work sleeping, too.

Note to self: Make appointment with primary care doc today to discuss results. *nod*

Good Thoughts Please...
Adam has sent off a resume for The Job. As in, if someone peered inside Adam's brain and plucked out everything Adam wanted to do and ignored everything he didn't - everything - this would be the job. This is the job that would have him excited about going to work in the morning. And it pays his current salary + my current salary near the bottom of the scale. So.

Please think good thoughts or light candles or send energy or whatever you in particular do about stuff like this. Please devote your hopes to Adam getting this job. Because it is exactly what we need. Exactly :)

No one looks at my wishlist in priority order. *aggrieved sigh* I'll be happy with the books I'm getting, of course; they wouldn't be there if I didn't want them. But there are things I prioritized higher...

(Yes, I looked.)
(Yes, poor me.)
(It's The Grandmas. They hit all three wishlists yesterday - Elayna's hard, Adam's and mine soft. Is how I know it's The Grandmas.)
(I also have a WishCentral wishlist. Does that link work? We'll see.)
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For the curious... playlist for Alanna, Jeramie, and the Council in general. I have a separate playlist of mood music that I listen to when writing stuff like nanosong; that basically contains every song by every artist here! This is just the list of specific songs that are here for specific reasons.

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Now you know. And knowing is half the battle.
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