December 12th, 2005

Capri - xanadumalion


Happy birthday to one of my favorite people: my Cosmic Cousin, m0usegrrl! :)

Hello to new reader willshetterly!

Just exhaustion + nausea thus far. Waking up early all weekend did me no favors, I tell you.

Guess the Song
Only one lyric left, and I'll give it to you again over here: "There's a warm summer breeze, there's a warm summer air, but it's little that I see and it's less that I care."

EDIT: hasfartogo got it: "Out of Mind", done by the Prodigals. :)

I don't tend to do quiz-type memes. But I think things like this are fun.

Speaking of Music
Adam, hanging up the phone after talking to my mom: "Do you want your Chanukah present spoiled?"
Me: "Am I getting the iPod?"
Adam: "Yes."

Score. docorion's Shuffle has been better than nothing, but it's been driving me crazy to not get to listen to the songs I want to listen to, and to not even be able to fit a whole playlist onto it.

This time? I will get the three-year warranty.

Speaking of iPods
Want to participate/vote in future iPod Wars? Join scrollwheel!

It was Julia who came out to talk this weekend, in the few scattered moments I had. Interesting stuff about her double standard re: Capri and Kieran. It was Ryan she chose to talk to, which was fun; I like writing him.

"You don't seem to feel that way about Capri."
"Capri's not trying to get into my pants."
"No. She's already there."

Hey! I have a bagel now. I'm going to eat it.
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* My space heater started throwing sparks at me last night. So. In response to Adam's nagging me about "wasting" electricity by using the space heater, I have told him I'll be glad to switch offices with him. Always-overheated Adam can be down here in the icebox. The original reason for me being down here = less sound-distraction, but the sound, it does carry. Anyway. I am aggressively cleaning my office in preparation for switching offices, if Adam opts to do that.

* There is no such thing as a bad Oysterband album. And it is infernally difficult to try to pick a *favorite* Oysterband album. They're all too damn good.

* Have requested from AirTran my free ticket, to be used to visit Spooky. :)

* One month from today, I will be at Arisia! *head explodey* Who else will be at Arisia? Anyone have a room on a party block? Are we having a party? Let's have a party.
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