December 7th, 2005


Odin's Day

Hello to new readers brendastarr and burning_brain!

The usual so far.

Now I'm dreaming about arguing with my boss. Boston now please?

Related note, if you see any job openings in academic IT in Boston or any T-accessible suburb, please forward info to Adam (yendi) at his e-mail address? The person who hooks us up will get... I don't know. Something really good as a finder's fee. I make awesome cookies.

Comment Backlog
Woke up this morning to 87 e-mails. *wince* And that's just for two, three days' worth...

Holiday Plans
Christmas with birthfamily, as always.

New Year's? With Spooky. :)
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Ah, crap.

So I won Round Two of the current iPod War. *shakes pharminatrix's hand* *shakes first-round opponent jenphalian's hand, too*

Why am I saying "Ah, crap?"

Because Round Three = me vs. Adam.

Now, I happen to think that my iPod is way cooler than his. My iPod serves his iPod's ass like John McEnroe. If his iPod steps up, I'm smackin' the ho.

But he does have some very shiny things that could pop up. And he'll never let me live it down if he wins.

I am reminded that I never posted my Round Two playlist. For your edification:

1. "Doctorin' the Tardis", Gary and the Timelords
2. "Starmartyr", My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
3. "Make Me Lose Control", Eric Carmen
4. "Kiss Me, Son Of God", They Might Be Giants
5. "Hindu Sad Diamonds", from Moulin Rouge
6. "It's Raining on Prom Night", Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
7. "Ghost of a Texas Ladies' Man", Concrete Blonde
8. "Mary Mac", Carbon Leaf
9. "Spark", Tori Amos
10. "Title of the Song", DaVinci's Notebook

Yeah. People on mgrasso's friendslist (and, hey, the rest of you as well), I have to know. #3: good or evil? I know that just seeing it there is making docorion run and hide; he's seen me sing it in the car. I emote. I belt. I clutch my chest and shake back my hair.

I will post a YouSendIt link for "Title of the Song" later today. Because you all must hear it.

EDIT: I have just submitted my Round Three playlist.

The official theme of said playlist is "I Blame slipjig."
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Writing - XanaDuMalion

(no subject)

I was supposed to do one of three things this afternoon:

1. Nap.
2. Write nanosong.
3. Do housework.

Do you see "write 2,000 words re: Victor" on that list?

No. Me either.
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Just a little musing from the other night....

It's hard to call someone an asshole at the dawn of time.

I'm referring to the Tal/Nisar conflict in nanosong. What I had was a moment where, if the action was happening today, Tal would clearly call Nisar a bastard. That's what scans. Well, "you bastards", more particularly, as he's referring to a few other people as well.

But, well, at the dawn of time, you can't call someone a bastard.

Because it's not an insult yet.

And to this particular set of characters, having been formed by Tiala and the gods themselves rather than having been born, it would mean nothing at all. I can imagine Nisar now: "Um, I don't even have parents."

And he can't call them sons of bitches, either. Because, well, a bitch is just a dog. "Bitch" as an insult? Not yet in the common vernacular.

And I, the writer... I am sitting here, fingers hovering over the keyboard, mood broken, like, "Well, damn."

He settles for calling them filth. But really, I can't wait to bring them ahead a thousand years or so to where all the good curse words are.
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