December 6th, 2005


Tew's Day

Happy birthday to one of my favorite big brothers, phantom_wolfboy!

Hello to new reader thisdaydreamer and returning reader themaskmaker!

Just taking meds now, because the alarm didn't go off, so no time for coffee and/or breakfast at home! The usual, to start with.

More later, because I actually have a metric buttload of time-sensitive work to be done. That people kept dragging me away from yesterday. So I have to get on it before anyone else shows up.
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Oy gevalt.

There is no way I'm ever getting rid of this pent-up sexual energy. Seriously. I can't even write porn without it becoming a serious examination of character. In this case, Victor's, and something I think spc476 would be interested in - how someone who's not an "aristocrat", as SPC calls 'em, relates to his Kithrayn, and the associated responsibilities. Because Kieran's playful pulling of rank was... not taken well, due to something in Victor's past.

More on this tomorrow, when I'm not medicated to the gills. Just kinda spacing out staring at the keyboard right now. Wish me luck getting back upstairs! :)