November 18th, 2005



Happy birthday to dandelion_diva!

Happy early birthday to irana, magenta_girl, and scouseboy, who all advance a year over the weekend!

Hello to new reader timba!

The usual. Plus some tingliness.

Harry Potter Day!
We're probably going this afternoon. Any other Atlantans going this afternoon?

I have 11 confirmed people. Dad insisted on an 18-to-20-pound turkey. I negotiated down to a 16-to-18-pound turkey, because dude, a 20-pounder will take forever to cook. I barely eat turkey. Elayna barely eats turkey. So Dad wants 20 pounds for 9 people. Dad's on crack.

Reason for size ranges: I order from Whole Foods. They totally prepare the turkey. You just have to take it out of the bag and put it in the oven. Meaning that I don't have to handle a corpse. Yay Whole Foods!

Hi, Tony's mom!

*is all shy again now*

Friday Memeage...
Red chenille turtleneck, cuz baby, it's cold outside! Jeans, "honey sweet" panties, monkey socks.

I'm reading Woken Furies by Richard Morgan. Elayna is tearing her way through Narnia; she's almost done with The Horse and His Boy.

The Narnia books were the first thing I ever bought for her. At two months pregnant, I worked in a bookstore. I had a feeling she was a girl, but Just In Case, I didn't want to load up on "A Little Princess" and "The Secret Garden" with the little necklaces. Narnia, though.... whichever gender she turned out to be, I knew she'd love Narnia.

Thanksgiving grocery shopping and Harry Potter today.
Quiz Bowl and celebratory lunch (whether she wins or not - it takes courage to go up there!) tomorrow.
Girl Scouts on Sunday.

It is a very Elayna weekend.

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Zoe & Wash - by kylakae

Why I love my husband

So last night, we were watching Reunion, a show that manages somehow to combine terrible writing with really good plot twists that we don't see coming.

The plot of Reunion: Group of six friends. One of them is murdered the night of their twenty-year reunion. Twenty episodes, every episode being a year in the life (last night was 1991), with flashbacks interspersed with the detective interviewing the friends/suspects here in 2005.

So Adam turns to me, and he says:

"Next season? They should do this with the cast of Saved by the Bell."
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