November 1st, 2005


Tew's Day

Happy birthday to tww1fa!

Holy crap, dude. Exhaustion + nausea, yeah, and also vision and brain fuckery, tingly/numbness... pretty much everything.

All Your Candy Are Belong To Us
A number of you have complained that you didn't get many trick-or-treaters. You can donate any excess chocolate (that doesn't have nuts or caramel) to the Fatten Shadesong Up fund. Please and thank you.

iPod War
I'm in round two! Check me out, vote (til 4 PM EST) if you'd like. This time, Camper Van Beethoven's "Take the Skinheads Bowling" came up. Rock on.

No, I haven't started. Was not going to stay up til midnight.

...instead, I lay in bed writing the prologue in my head. *eyeroll*

Still. I start NaNoWriMo at 1 PM. *decisive nod* And Elayna's remembered it; she greeted me this morning with "I'm going to start writing as soon as I finish my homework!"

Have you other crazy NaNo people started? What are your novels about?
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(no subject)

Dear everybody,

If you call me on the telephone during writing time, I will kick you in the head.

No love,



Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
1,720 / 50,000

Four-year-old Alanna is really cute. Now I go eat dinner.
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A very focused mini-review of Spider-Man: The Other

None of this is spoilery if you have read any comics magazines or websites anytime in 2005. Or know anyone who has. Or anything.

Issue #1: Issue happens. Last page: Doctor: "Spider-Man, your bloodwork? Not good. Something so bad I can't tell you over the phone." (Paraphrase. These are all paraphrases, becase I'm too lazy to go get the comics and quote directly.) End issue.

Issue #2: Issue happens. Last two pages: MJ: "Peter, you have a death wish." "Peter: "No, I don't! Because, see, I got these test results and I don't like 'em, no sirree." We see a sheet of paper. MJ weeps.

Issue #3: Issue happens. A few references to Peter not feeling up to snuff. Last page: Aunt May: "Peter, what the hell is wrong with you?" Peter: "I don't want to burden you."

Okay, so we're three issues into a 12-issue series about Peter being terminally ill, and we haven't bloody well found out what's wrong with him yet. Enough teasing! Reveal the freakin' spider-cancer already! This is getting annoying!

Yes, our order from Westfield Comics came today, and I want credit for doing my writing before diving into the comics. :)
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