October 27th, 2005


Thor's Day

Hello to new reader wanderlustress and returning reader pthalostars!

Exhaustion + nausea; a bit of wordfuckery.

Primary care doctor today at 11:45! Topics for discussion:

1. Weight, and how to stop losing it. (She specifically asked me to come in if I dipped below 90. I'm now three pounds below.)
1a. Hey, doc - can you give me something for this nausea?
1b. Any ideas for meal planning to maximize calorie intake? (My insurance doesn't cover a nutritionist.)

2. Heart issues - bringing her up to speed, and seeing if she can access test results (I asked the cardiologist to give her access).

3. Exhaustion. Any recommendations on how I can best sleep-cycle to maximize ability to function?

Can anyone think of anything else I can bring up that she could help with? Remember, this is the primary care doc, not the neurologist - she can't change my drugs.

Say Anything
Some of you are being cute and silly. But most of you are... well. I'm honored. Thank you. Like whoa.

Guys who said variants of "oh, no, I can handle that" - I'm serious about the graphic and disturbing. We'll see.

Looks like I'll have a cover for it! m0usegrrl's inking the picture I originally asked her to draw for the Shayara calendar. It will be posted when ready. Yay!

I shall have a kires this weekend, most likely. Yay!
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PSA! - by Zarhooie

Answers to FAQs from the Say Anything post and e-mail

* No, you didn't miss me posting Adam's-and-my wedding pics; I am a lazy bastard and have yet to scan them. I won't friends-lock them when I post them. Actually, I'll probably create a wedding webpage for that and just post a link and a teaser pic or two.

* No, docorion doesn't have his November schedule yet, so I'm still not sure exactly when I'll be in Boston... yes, his company sucks re: schedule posting. They always have. :(

* Yes, I will post snippets of Alanna's story throughout November. The less-triggery bits. I think I'll be posting the whole thing in nanosong as I go - we'll see.

* Re: Hurricane Wilma: Yes, my family's fine; they lost a tree, a bit of fence, and some roof shingles, is all. They got their power back yesterday.

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Fizzgig! - velvetsteel

Health press release #583


("Did you say 'hello'?"
"No, I said ''allo'!")

Right, then. We're going beyond treating the symptom, and getting aggressive about finding the cause; she took one look at me and basically said, "Okay, that ain't right."

I have been interrogated and palpated. It has been verified that really, my thyroid's fine.

Her: "Okay, you just had your thyroid tested in August."
Me: "And I hear it takes six months to a year to go bad - but people poke me 'bout every three months anyway!"
Her: "Well, we really want it to be your thyroid. Because that would explain all of the symptoms and be easily treatable. We like it to be tidy like that!"

So. Seriously, dudes. Not the thyroid.

I have had eight vials of blood pulled; among other things, she's testing me for celiac disease, a gluten intolerance. Which is sense-making, actually, being as I was allergic to wheat as a teenager and am very allergic to MSG.

And also I am to have a chest/abdomen/pelvic CT scan, to rule out a tumor. She didn't feel anything funky when she was palpating me, but we're in the ruling-everything-out stage.

The CT scan, if unhelpful, will be followed by *wince* upper and lower GIs to rule out digestive malfunction, and I swear I could go my entire life without drinking or shitting barium ever again, dammit.

I am to report to her office in two weeks for a weigh-in and to look over the results of the CT scan.

For those of you who care about food-logging: My phlebotomist was way ready for lunch when she stuck me, and kept rhapsodizing about McDonald's fries - so lunch is two cheeseburgers, a medium fry, and a chocolate shake, thankyouverymuch. *nod* Eight fucking vials. And they were all the big vials. I deserve crappy food.
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