October 20th, 2005


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Had to get out of bed in what is for me the middle of the night to google commedia dell arte a bit. Yes, for NaNoWriMo.

Yes, writing is a disease.

No cure.

Let's see if my brain will let me sleep now...

Thor's Day

Exhaustion + nausea. Oy. EDIT: Wordfuckery, general slowness.

One of those days...
...everything went haywire this morning. Everything.

...but it'll get better.
docorion will be here when I get off work. :)

*writes on chalkboard*
I will not weave themes from commedia dell arte into my NaNoWriMo.
I will not weave themes from commedia dell arte into my NaNoWriMo.
I will not weave themes from commedia dell arte into my NaNoWriMo.

Because then I'll have to do *research*, that's why. And I don't have *time*.
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Interview from aussie_nyc

(Note: this is not related to the other friend-interview I referenced recently...)

1. What, if anything, will replace JavaMonkey when you move to Boston?
The Diesel is a similar social hotspot for my friends and docorion's friends and my-and-docorion's friends; I have tried their chai and found it to be good. *nod*

2. Is a Shayara novel a possibility?
It is. I would prefer to present Shayara as a comic because there's so much more I can do, and I can be more subtle... there's a whole bunch of storytelling I can do just in the seating arrangements at the meetings of the Talthar Kithrayna, for example, as Jeramie's chair gradually, meeting by meeting, gets farther from Julia's - and Capri's and Halloran's get closer, and finally Kieran sits beside her - stuff that would be mega overkill if described in prose ("Donna sat on the far left, then Ryan, then Kieran...") but is natural in a comic. I can express some of what's starting between Julia and Capri with a glance, with Julia reaching for her hand. I can seed the comic with things that you'll uncover on the second, third, fourth reading - you'll catch the expression on a character's face in the background and you'll know that that was the moment that pushed them over the edge. I feel like I can tell more stories simultaneously in comic form than in novel form.

That said, if that's not available to me, I'll take what I can get. I can see doing a series of Shayara novels. The only question, being as novels tend to be more linear, is where to start...

3. Is there any professional sport you could be persuaded to attend?
Oh, I'd attend most any sporting event, if I could bring a book or two.

Except for hockey. Hockey's cold.

4. Teen Titans vs Boondock Saints. Who wins and how?
To simplify matters, I'll go with the current animated Titans. We'd be mired in this forever if I tried to pick and choose to form a dream team from the comic book Titans!

First off - Robin would be dead. Being trained by Batman is not a superpower. I'm sorry. It isn't. Thank you very much, Robin, goodbye. In nomini patri, et fili, spiriti sancti.

The other Titans have more of a chance. Starfire's starbolts have been way weaker on the show than they have in the comic - what's up with that? But I have to believe that a starbolt would fuck a Saint up. And Raven's pretty well able to defend herself.

Beast Boy? Sorry. Beast Boy's a goner. Why? Because he has a history of turning himself into big animals when he should be turning into small animals. A tip, BB - it's harder to hit a worm or a flea than it is to hit a T-Rex or a gorilla. But BB's first instinct will be to turn into a gorilla, and whichever Saint Star didn't fuck up will mow him down.

Cyborg? Don't know. Even match. He has a lot of weak points. Hit his shoulder, he's down for the count. But if he blasts you first...

So! Tough to say.

5. Who has most inspired you?
Elayna. It sounds cheesy. But she's inspired me to be a better person, simply because I have to be a good example for her.

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