October 16th, 2005


AIDS Walk day!

Thank you, fortunavirilis and pbmath!

I'm up to $600.01!


Actually $625.01, but Dad's donation isn't showing up; he's going to e-mail them about that. Still. Yay!

Now I go print that page so the AIDS Walk people know to give me a T-shirt, have breakfast, shower, and get going. *bounce* *bounce* *bounce*
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AIDS Walk aftermath


My everything hurts.

But I feel really, really good.

Grand total raised stands at $675.01, thanks to last-minute sponsor australian_joe!

And they did not have ice cream sandwiches at the finish line this year! So I'm going to go have some ice cream now. Because I deserve it.

More musing later. *nod* But ice cream now. Yes.

EDIT: The exhaustion is, how you say, "off the chain". Truly unmanageable.

You want to know what I usually do to wake myself up?

Take a walk.


No. The body gives a hearty "fuck you" to that idea.

Elayna's finishing up her Katamari time - then I should have some kid interaction to keep me conscious. And dude, I'm going to bed when she does tonight. I will likely be asleep by 9.

Unrelated: Thanks to everyone who gave feedback on the Kieran thing last night. I'll respond more coherently tomorrow.
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