October 12th, 2005


Odin's Day

The usual, but the nausea's rather extreme. EDIT: Tongue tingly, bit of visionfuckery and brainfuckery.

Dude! Thanks to texmorgan, I'm $35 away from my $500 fundraising goal!

Click here to sponsor me!

(liamstliam, that link worked for Tex - if it's still not working for you, I sent you my legal name at the address listed on your userinfo page.)

(unwilly, I apparently walked 6K yesterday just in the course of my normal day, so don't worry.)

Coming up, by request: Janos ("on stairs!") and Lyric. Um, separately, because they never meet.

Mood improving
You can tell because I'm writing again - and singing in the car again. Today was "Old Brown's Daughter" by Great Big Sea, which is just lots of fun to sing. :)

Coming Out Day
I was offline most of yesterday and pretty much totally missed it - but I think all of you guys know that I'm bi, poly, pagan, and kinky. And if you didn't, well, you do now. *nod*.
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Writing - XanaDuMalion

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...and now I'm thinking of doing the Alanna-and-Jeramie story for NaNoWriMo. *headdesk*

Which is totally unsuitable for the kidlet, of course, but she wasn't expecting to read my story anyway...

And it'll be very much a mindfuck. As it'll be an examination of how you warp someone, drive them insane in a very specific way over the course of several years. Using methods that can be... triggery.

But it's in my brainmeats.



Jeramie watching from the top of the stairs as four-year-old Alanna peeks shyly out from behind her father.

The circumstances of Alanna being given the whip mentioned last night.

What he does to her when her love for him is no longer enough to control her.


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Next person who hands me an abstract with broken LaTeX is getting a boot to the head.

And let me tell you, at 4'11", it's challenging to boot a normal-size person in the head. But I shall persevere. Oh yes. I shall persevere.
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Writing - XanaDuMalion

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One of the problems with having a world in your brain: when a friend asks you what House she'd be in, you suddenly know just exactly what she'd look like in the formal Court garb of her House, and you so want to dress her up...

But, um, I suck at sewing. All of the creative/craft space in my brain belongs to words.

Dammit, I can see pretty Dusti in that flaring deep-green coat, those vambraces... *sigh*
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