October 4th, 2005

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Tew's Day

Happy birthday to eilonwy! (Which is Napalm's sister's name, actually, but he calls her Ellie.)

Hello to new readers kokopelleigh and popfiend, and returning reader amayos!

The usual, but exhausted like whoa. Plus bad headache. Excedrin with the rest of the morning pills today. This is one of those days where I had to weigh risk of more hostility in working environment/not getting paid/extra rest, and had to choose further abuse of body. *sigh* Boston now please?

The thing is, if I could just take the meds and Excedrin and lie down for another hour or so, I'd be a lot more functional. But my job isn't flexible. Can't do 9-1. Nope. 8-12.

EDIT: Mild coordination fuckery. Slurring speech.

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Cool Like Dat
Whatever happened to Digable Planets, anyway?

We out.
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Zoe & Wash - by kylakae

Life with 'song and Adam

*long banter involving a barrage of pop culture references in the realms of film, comics, and food*



shadesong: "We can't even post that."

yendi: "Just providing the necessary background would take hours."

You just... *waves hands* aagh. Okay.

In other news, Elayna decided to use lotion on her legs after her bath and was delighted with the fragrance. "Smell, Mommy!" she said, shoving her hand under my nose. I smelled.

And went reeling backwards as the malignant stench of chemically-simulated blueberry throttled my sinuses. Reeled. Staggered. Gagged. Choked.

The child laughed, I tell you.


I'm going to go have chocolate ice cream now. Because, a full hour later, that abomination is still up my nose.

But the thing with Adam, it was... we just...

No one gets us but us. That's why we're married.