October 3rd, 2005



Happy birthday to lovewastedangel!

Hello to new reader norda!

The usual.

Dude, I have a BAD case of the Mondays. Mostly due to feeling like I didn't get a weekend, and to the child being cranky at me first thing this morning.

Adam and I have decided that my key phrase if I plan to go thermonuclear on my parents at Thanksgiving, or even just to come out of the poly closet, shall be "Please fetch me the cranberry sauce." I hate cranberry sauce, you see. So if I ask for cranberry sauce, Adam knows to get out of the house and run fast.

I'm helpful like that.

I read the book this weekend! I wholeheartedly recommend it - it filled in most of the things I wondered about in the movie, gave explanations for a bunch of things. There is logic to things you may have wondered about. And personally, I'm hoping that at least two scenes in the book were filmed and will be included on the DVD....

So. Seriously. Get the book!
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AIDS Walk Atlanta

Okay! On October 16th, I'll be participating in AIDS Walk Atlanta for the third year in a row.

What does this mean to you, the reader?

*charming smile*

Please click here to sponsor me!

I limit myself to two charity drives a year, this and Blog-A-Thon; this is the second and last of the year. Rest assured that I'll quit bugging you after this one. :)

This is a 5K. In past years, that's rated as nothing big. These days... it's a bit more impact-y for my body. But it's worth it to raise money for AIDS research and programs to help people. Anything I can do is worth it.

So please sponsor me. Throw in what you can; every little bit adds up. Please? (Edit: I forgot - they have a $25 minimum! Smaller donations can be PayPalled to shadesong AT livejournal.com, and I'll put 'em in.)

And pimp it around.

Thanks. :)
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From mick_hale:

When you see this sentence on your friends list, please forgive me for everything dumb/malicious I've done to you over the course of the year, and then paste it into your own :)

Have a great 5766, everybody.

Shana Tovah everyone!

One of the things I like about this tradition... according to God, by asking forgiveness between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, I've officially done my part. If the person I may have wronged refuses to forgive me, it's 100% on them.

I am so with God on this.

And I'm amused that people made it an LJmeme. Not surprised, mind you.

Other random:

Are Adam and I the last people on earth to see Spam-A-Lot?

And there was something else, but I forgot.
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You may not be aware of this, but I happen to be married to the funniest man on earth. Evidence:

The "twist" is that Fred not only has a vivid imagination, but that anything he imagines comes true, much like the brain-damaged coconut version of Bill Mumy on the classic Twilight Zone episode "It's a Good Life."

Excerpted from his most recent column for SMRT-TV.

I swear, part of the benefit of being married to him is that I get a sneak preview of his columns...
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Note to self

Dear 'song:

If you go to bed on time, you won't be so much in need of the full-afternoon naps that leave you completely exhausted even afterward. Just a thought.

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