September 30th, 2005


Finally Friday!

Happy birthday to lanthinel!

The usual.
Cardiologist appointment at 11:45. *breathes* I'm a little calmer today, because Adam's arranged his schedule so he can go with me.

8 Hunks of Hannukah
This is the last day you can nominate someone for the 8 Hunks of Hannukah! And if you do nominate someone, let them know, because the acceptance deadline is October 7.

Picture submission deadline - the absolute drop-dead deadline - is Halloween. Get me pictures before then if you can so I'm not absolutely slammed then. Pictures will be posted throughout November in hanukkah_hunks. (No, I'm not posting them here on my LJ. This is... a couple hundred guys at this point, I b'lieve. I'm scared to look.)

Any questions? Here's the FAQ. Any other questions?

Friday Memeage...
Purple stripey short-sleeved sweater, purple polka-dot bra, Hello Kitty panties, jeans, monkey socks.

A metric fuckload of magazines. Everything came in at once.

Jinkies, I dunno. Free weekend. I'll likely get project-y this weekend. Comics-project-y, in particular.

SillyMe - Photognome

Friday Audience Participation

Or, proof of insanity.

By request of murnkay: Friending Frenzy.

The Friending Frenzy idea was originally foxmagic's, and it is as follows:

Looking for more LJ friends? People who want to be added, leave a comment on this post telling why people should read you. People who are looking for cool new people to read: go shopping in the comments!

Serves another purpose for me this time, though; I've had a big influx of new readers lately, and haven't had a chance to check you out. So. Tell me who you are!

Have fun! Get connected!

(no subject)

I will not sign up for NaNoWriMo this year.
I will not sign up for NaNoWriMo this year.
I will not sign up for NaNoWriMo this year.

Because that would be insane, that's why.
Julia in color - xanadumalion

Bloggers' Benefits for Hurricane Katrina Relief

Now formatted for your pleasure!

I'm going to keep track of these as best I can. Please tell me if I'm missing any, as I am far from omniscient; please also tell me if any of 'em are no longer active.

If you give to any of these people/causes, send me an e-mail receipt and I'll send you my Blogathon incentive story and creator commentary on Blogathon entries. *nod*

* gwynraven is folding a thousand paper cranes. Sponsor her here!

* mgrasso is doing a Blogathon on Sunday. Sponsor him here!

* dustyskinandall is organizing a benefit concert - any interested Atlanta-area musicians, please contact her!

* mister_wolf is doing sketches for hurricane relief, icon size or bigger, starting at $5. Get yours here!

* kythryne is raffling and selling beautiful jewelry. Look over here!

* das_hydra is raffling off lovely scarves here!

* jlundberg is eBaying art over here!

* Throughout September, if you buy "By Request" from CD Baby ( the $11 Jo Morrison (tewok's wife) would normally get for the sale will go straight to the Red Cross.

* This shop of indie artists & crafters is donating all proceeds to hurricane relief.

* manifestress is donating all proceeds from massages she does on Wednesday! She's a certified massage therapist in Atlanta. Contact her at karlita AT!

Donate Supplies
* creentmerveille's daughter is holding a toy drive!

* Want to send care packages? Adopt refugees in St. Landry Parish!

* Send clothes, shoes, toiletries, et cetera, here!

* Donate pet supplies - drop off in Atlanta!

* Donate old video games to kids!

Donate Money
* The Red Cross.

* America's Second Harvest.

* The Humane Society.

* Noah's Wish.


* Do data entry on the Katrina PeopleFinder Project!

* shadbolt75 is donating $1 to the Red Cross for every unique comment on his/her LJ. Comment here, then tell your friendslist! EDIT: Shadbolt's reached his/her limit, but other people are taking up the torch.

* Give blood, if you can.

*decisive nod*

More audience participation!

I'm back from the doctor. Let's play a game of "Guess 'song's Weight"!

I'll post about the doctor experience separately. I just thought the game would be amusing.

To bring you into the ballpark: My weight at the last visit, six weeks ago, was 89.5 pounds.

Whoever guesses my weight today first gets a shiny gold star.

EDIT: aurora_lamour wins, as I keep losing...

87 pounds. 87.

...yeah. Not happy.

I just had a bunch of Oreo cookies. Double Stuf.
Boondock/can't believe

Cardiologist visit

Summation: Insufficient data.

Opinion: I have a distinct lack of confidence here, based on the following facts:

a) docorion seemed sure of the problem after listening to a set of five recordings,
b) The people at the heart minotaur place, the ones who received the recordings, told me they were getting great stuff, and
c) the cardiologist opened the appointment with "Have you been in here before?"

Me: "Um, yes. You had me on a heart monitor. I'm here for my results."
Him: "Ah." He opened my file, flicked desultorily through the report, and shook his mental Magic 8 Ball for a response of reply hazy, try again later. "Not enough, not enough. I'll put you on a 48-hour monitor and give you a prescription for beta blockers. Do you have children?"
Me: "Yes, one."
Him: "Are you trying for more?"
Me: "No."
Him: "And you are on... Trileptal and Zonegran? Is that why you're not -"
Me: "Yep."
Him: "Okay. I'll give you the prescription."

If only getting Depakote out of my neurologist was so easy!

Me: "What are the possible side effects?"
Him: "Fatigue, exhaustion."
Me: *buries head in hands*

So. Anyway. Yes. Lack of confidence in cardiologist due to inability to read report/prepare for appointment with patient. Heart minotaur to wear sometime next week. 48 hours straight. With that allergy that causes blistery welts after three hours of contact. I'm going to be writhing around like a dog with polyps.

The bright side = no catheterization, yay me. (Yet.)