August 29th, 2005



Happy birthday to two of my favorite people, bahtswana and my LJ-daughter zarhooie!

Hello to new reader, old TH-er rowancat!

Exhaustion, nausea, chest pain.
I could not get to sleep last night til 2:30. Combination of story eating my brain and Adam's tossing, turning, and snoring. And palpitations (mine, of course, not Adam's). So. My tummy is upset from sleepdep and stress.

Idle writerbrain thought: My character Katrina - mother of the Lishayas false and true - lives in New Orleans. I'm going to have to change that.

Please send good energy/pray/light candles for everyone in Louisiana today, guys. New Orleans will be kinda gone after this. And I have Family there, blood and chosen... I don't know yet if my birthmom, who lives in Slidell, has evacuated - I'll be calling her soon as I get home - but gwynraven is riding it out in Baton Rouge.


EDIT: Shit, scyllacat and zeldakitty too? How many of you do I have to freak out about? *gnaws bottom lip*

Mostly spent yesterday editing, because it's difficult to write when Miss Kid's awake and Adam's not home. But after she went to sleep, I got almost a thousand words done on the Alanna thing. Her first incidence of cruelty toward a Hound, and how Jeramie encourages and rewards her.

This will probably see light of day after the rest of Shayara, if it does at all. I love writing it, because I love her. I love both of them. I love examining their fault lines, tracing the madness there. But I can't make her too sympathetic during the series itself.

Maybe part of this will be the Blog-A-Thon incentive story. What do you sponsors think?

Right, then. That's all for now.
Boondock/can't believe

Hurricane Katrina stuff

I'll cut-tag this, since you're probably getting inundated with Katrina stuff - and I won't flood your friendspage with same. I'll just edit-to-update this post all day.

If you do want continuing coverage, springdew is monitoring three Katrina-local TV stations and reporting news on her LJ, and katrinacane has aggregated LJs of people riding the storm out in New Orleans itself.

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Hi! I just now got home.

Hurricane people update!

gwynraven is alive and well! The storm didn't hit Baton Rouge as heavily as anticipated; she's without power and looks to be stuck in her apartment for a few days, but there's "no major damage" and she's in good spirits.

My birthmom's cellphone is giving me a busy signal. Has been all day. So I called my aunt and uncle, the ones I spend $WINTERHOLIDAY with, and my cousin was able to confirm that my birthmom is the hell out of Louisiana; she was planning to go to the beach at Destin, but ended up somewhere else. He doesn't know where. But she's officially not in Slidell. If they hear from her, they'll have her call me.

If anyone hears from scyllacat or zeldakitty, please comment here. Thanks.

*deep breath*

Otherwise, nice afternoon out with dark_blade, only mildly tinged with panic on the way home. The child is asleep. All of us are feeling off today.

I have... *presses fingers to eyes* four more phone calls to make? Then I can sit down.
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