August 11th, 2005


Thor's Day


Happy birthday to bitsyboo!

Hello to new readers bnatural, celticfeministw, and spill3d_milk!

Exhaustion. Nausea. Brainfuckery. Tingly. Coordination. Verbal fuckery.

Shortness of breath. Chest pain. More on *that* separately. On hold with the clinic right now about that.

Okay, short version of that: I'm now having the shortness of breath and chest pain intermittently daily. Managing it right now. Was *not* managing it yesterday. Cardiologist's snotty office staff refuses to get me in before October unless my doc calls. (Attitude typical of cardio offices, per docorion.) I am trying to reach my doc. No callback yesterday. Begging for callback today. Going to the ER after work if I don't get the callback. docorion's opinion is that it's very most likely something non-life-threatening, something like mitral valve prolapse (that's not a diagnosis, just one of the things that fits the symptoms) - but that my anxiety over Not Knowing is building on the already-distressing symptoms and making me worse, and that I need to get taken care of.

Every day I'm having more difficulty breathing, and more episodes of the difficulty-breathing. And every day I'm waking up with chest pain.

EDIT: Cardio appointment Friday August 19, 10:15 AM.

I have not had a single second of time to call my own since my parents arrived. Dude, I just want to read a magazine or something, watch a TV show.

Yesterday was better than Tuesday. Because it couldn't be worse without ascending to epic proportions, and I was just too goddamn tired for that.

Elayna's school supplies have been purchased. *nod*