August 4th, 2005


Thor's Day

Happy birthday to mgrasso!

Happy late birthday to crystalrowan and heathrow!

Hello to new reader disconscious!

Exhausted, nauseous - heart feeling tumbly. Have called doctor to request an ETA on those test results. EDIT: Joint pain, lower back pain.

Work, shmerk.
I just began to get the feeling of catching up yesterday. And now, back to work. Argh.

Boston soon please?

I really do need to give myself permission to rest, on days off. It can take more than a few hours off before I'm ready to jump into work-at-homeness. This is okay.

Atlanta to Virginia
Seriously. If anyone can get me there this weekend? Good things will happen for you. Naked pictures, maybe. I have naked pictures.

It is for charity! And for meeting cool people!

Yay Tonight!
Tonight I get to see deyaniera! and meet voldsom! I must nap this afternoon so for to have lots of spoons for hanging out with them, yes. I have missed my Deya!

Blog-A-Thon reminder

Thanks to eyewrist, jnanacandra, azhure, laurelian, and a bunch of people whose real-life names I don't recognize (this is why I liked the old system - I recognize e-mail addresses!), the current total is $443!

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Thank you.
Elayna! - Karlita

Elayna notes

My parents have failed to
a) bring her to the dentist she likes and
b) buy her a flute,
both of which they promised to do while she was there over the summer. I believe that one of the major differences between my parenting style and their parenting style is that I actively think about what message my actions send to the child. Their actions are sending a clear message here: "Grandma and Grandpa are unreliable; promises should be taken with a grain of salt."

Personally, if I promise the child something, I will do it. Because that's the message I want her to get. A promise is a promise. If I cannot be absolutely certain of my ability to carry something out, I'll tell her, "I'll do my best", not "I promise." So she knows that she can have absolute faith in Mommy's promises.

Because I want her to grow up to be the sort of person to keep her promises. That's why.

One of these days, I'm going to do a series of posts on Honor...

Harry Potter
She stayed up late to blast through the last 100 pages, and called me as soon as she got home from camp the next day to "omigod omigod" at me and discuss the ending and what might happen in the next book; I presented her with the popular theories, and she's mulling them over.

Four days.

I can't wait to get my taller, tanner girl back.


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I go home now. *nod*