July 17th, 2005

Writing - XanaDuMalion


Have been not posting because I feel full. Sated. Blissed out.

And I only have a few days of it, so I'm living every second of it to the fullest.

Yesterday was lunch breakfast with mud_puppy and mattlistener - and Adam and docorion, everything is with docorion and Adam, 'k? 'K. :) And then an art festival in Davis Square.

I'm used to bumping into people I know at stuff like this... here, of course, 'twas not me but docorion, and it was fascinating to watch. :) (I was recognized from Arisia once, though.) Strange. It was a big mental shift moving from Florida, where everyone knew me, to Atlanta, where everyone knew Adam and no one knew me. Now I'm moving from Atlanta, where everyone knows us, to Boston, where everyone knows docorion and a few people knew us. In the early days of Atlanta, I was Adam's girlfriend to everyone. And here I'll be docorion's Partner to most everyone. Rather than Shadesong.

I'd forgotten that that'll be the case.

I don't mind; everyone's very welcoming, and I do know more people on my own here than I did in Atlanta when I moved there. I have wispfox, ayalanya, mgrasso, a dozen or more... I have an identity of my own here already, which I didn't in Atlanta.

I muchly love being docorion's Partner, though. :) Is not a bad thing. :)

So! The art festival was muchly Of The Good and gave me lots to think about, and we got to visit the Diesel Cafe - and I got to perform a very important test.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to announce that the chai at the Diesel passes muster.

Had it not, there would have been a problem. *nod*

From there, home and sex and resting. :)

As for last night, we had a few people over... no big party this time, because Adam has difficulty with crowds, big gatherings. For Adam, meeting our Boston-area friends will be a gradual process. Last night was superkeen, though, as we continued our streak of completely forgetting to play 1,000 Blank White Cards, and I broke lbitw's brain (again), and... just... we just need a video camera, okay? We really do.

I love my friends.

(slipjig: "You are our social life. You need to move up here soon.")

And now it's about time for the lovely wispfox to pick us up for dinner, so I should wrap this post up and, um, report on today tomorrow, probably. :)
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