July 13th, 2005


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Today would have been tx_db8r's 21st birthday.

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Happy birthday to enderfem, silme, wcg, and ysabel!

Hello to new readers frameshot and richneps!

Bad meds day; the exhaustion is profound, and I'm a bit stumbly and brainweird.

docorion: "So I'm looking at architectural magazines. We're going to have to review these together, pick out stuff to do when we remodel the kitchen and bathroom."
Me: "Mmm. Floor needs to be redone. Pergo?"
docorion: "Not waterproof. I like tile..."
Me: "Grout-cleaning's a bitch."
docorion: "Stone?"
Me: "Cold in winter..."
docorion: "Not if we get radiant heating installed underneath."
Me: "Ohhhhh."
docorion: "You like that, huh?"
Me: "Ohhhh, yeah. Bathroom, too?"
docorion: "If I can afford to get it done simultaneously? Bathroom, too."
Me: "Ohhhh, honey..."

And now you know how to get me all squirmy. Talk remodeling and redocorating to me.

Have you felt heated floors? Oh, man.

*ahem* Sorry.

But yeah. Today's chore: sorting my remodeling/redecorating file, pulling the kitchen/bathroom stuff to bring up to Boston tomorrow.

EDIT: Speaking of which...
Mommy & Elayna

Methamphetamine Orphans

This could have been her life.

I cried reading this.

I'm so glad I left. So glad that I got out - that I knew that I had to leave.

Because this is the thing: In my opinion, the minute you get pregnant, the minute you know you're pregnant, it's not about you anymore. You no longer have the right to recreationally fuck yourself up.

The baby is not consenting to this, man.

The minute you know you're pregnant, it's not about you anymore.

I left Vegas, then left Arizona, came back to Florida, quit drugs cold turkey, because I was pregnant. Because Elayna deserved a chance. A choice. Because it was not about me anymore.

If I hadn't... this could have been her life.

New York Times article. Reproduced below the cut so you don't have to register.

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In response to my post about methamphetamine orphans, mountainkiss asked: "do you believe in the right to choose?"

My reply: "I do. As I was writing my comments, it occurred to me that my general opinion could be misconstrued....

I'll probably do a full post on it later. but in very brief:

I am pro-choice. I believe in the right of every woman to choose.

I myself cannot see a circumstance where I personally would choose abortion.

I have absolutely no right to force any person to choose according to my opinions. Absolutely no right. Neither does anyone else.

I have friends who have had abortions. I have friends who've given babies up for adoption. I have friends who have had and kept babies. And I honor all of their choices.

I am glad that I have a choice. *nod*"

This is really by no means a full post, but I felt that it ought to be set out there for the New Kids. I'm aware that, in the previous post, I spoke of my responsibility to Elayna as a person from Day One - I don't want that to lead people to believe, erroneously, that I am anti-choice. This was my choice, and I honor and respect the choice of others.
Writing - XanaDuMalion

Pop quiz, hotshot.

A question regarding word choice. Upon reading the sentences below, what is your knee-jerk response? Just friends, or romantic involvement?

Comments closed because we're not discussing various permutations and oh, if the person had this-and-such facial expression, et cetera...

Poll #531634 Regarding the use of the word "date".

Bob and Alice have made a date to see the play.

Bob and Alice are just friends.
Bob and Alice are romantically involved, or interested in becoming so.

Bob and Alice are dating.

Bob and Alice are just friends.
Bob and Alice are romantically involved, or interested in becoming so.
Writing - XanaDuMalion

More about Bob and Alice

Oops! Forgot this one. Please answer this too. Thanks!

Bob and Alice went on a date last night.

Bob and Alice are just friends.
Bob and Alice are romantically involved, or interested in becoming so.


This time tomorrow, I will be getting off the plane! And launching myself into docorion's arms, and probably kncking him back a few feet, because lo, though I be but little, I am fierce!


And beowabbit, too!

And Saturday I get to see avivasedai! And slipjig and rafaela and my LJdaughter and and and yes. More. And Sunday I get to see wispfox!

*is explodey*

In other news, my major accomplishments today include waking up from my nap All By Myself + napping less than two hours, and getting lots of filing done. Including finding that info on stone flooring and radiant heating. And lots more.

Gods, I've missed docorion.

We're buying lottery tickets on Friday.
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