July 12th, 2005


Tew's Day

Happy birthday to misshallelujah, mycroftca, and raptorgirl!

Hello to new readers emohdee, wuduaelfen, never1eighty, and upstart_crow! (Gosh. Did I get interesting all of a sudden?)

Exhaustion + nausea. So did not want to get up. *rueful grin* Some coordination issues.

Really, I'm just hoping for a good weekend, medically. I have Plans, you know. Some of them are Fiendish, even.

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The Library
DocOrion: "There was a book of yours that I desperately want to read more of..."
Me: "Aren't you glad all my books are moving up there?"
DocOrion: "Oh, yes. Darling? Love of my life? The sex is wonderful. The sex is amazing. But I'm really moving you up here for the books."

Best SF/F library in three states, he says. And he fell in love with the nonfiction, too.

It's a three-story house. The entire second story, barring bedrooms, kitchen, and bathroom, will be The Library.

We're hardcore.

And yes, we'll have overflow. Miss Kid's books will be in her room. Cookbooks in the library. Adam's forensics reference books in his office. Et cetera.

And that's after ruthlessly weeding the collection last year...
Writing - XanaDuMalion

Questions answered!

Should you leave things to fate, or was Terminator right: "There is no fate but what we make for ourselves?"
I believe in both fate and free will, honestly. Yes, simultaneously.

I liked the ice cream suggestion--but I'm trying to cut back on the weight thing--have you heard Tenacious D?
I think everyone should have ice cream every once in a while anyway. Treat yourself! As for Tenacious D - I heard them once and went "meh". Maybe they're funny and I just didn't hear their best stuff, but I was unimpressed.

Have you seen War of the Worlds yet? If so did you wish the main characters dead after about 10 minutes?
*laugh* I have not. You're the only person I've heard from who hasn't loved it, though!

When did you first realize that you had Story?

Hm, I say.

See, this is the thing. It wasn't realizing that I had Story...

...it was realizing that other people didn't.

*helpless shrug* I though everyone just had this. For a long time. docorion says that part of why some people read me is the Story thing - that some people tend to idolize writers because they are Different and Magical and all of that, but for me it's just like having wavy hair, I just do and a lot of people do. I don't find Story to be a hugely Exceptional Thing, because it's always been there. You know?

If anything, it's been Elayna's music that's helped me understand. Because wow, the kid has Music. And that blows me away.

And docorion says, "See?"

Heh. Rambly answer for a writer, yes? Hope it makes sense...

Y'all can ask me more, if you'd like.
Starfire/Don't mess with me

Oh, look. Another fucking bombing.

A suicide bomber detonated himself at 18:40 near the main entrance on Hertzl Street to the Sharon Mall in Netanya, at the crosswalk of the intersection of Raziel and Hertzl. Current casualty list says there were 30 injured, 6 seriously, 7 moderately, the rest light wounds. Two fatalities. Islamic Jihad has claimed responsibility.

This info is from mick_hale, who has checked in by posting it.

ragingamazon, please check in!

Anyone else in Israel?