July 7th, 2005


Thor's Day

Happy birthday to merovingian - easily the most surreal person on my friendslist!

Exhausted like whoa. *nod* And nauseous, of course. Just - this is one of those mornings where I really needed to stay in bed. And couldn't.

Boston? Please?

Walking on Water
What I need to do is isolate myself and write more of that. Yank it out from memory.

Finish it.

Tagging is hard.
You realize I have almost 10,000 journal entries, right?

"I had a coupon!" -Gir
Save 20% at Borders, Waldenbooks, affiliated stores Friday through Monday!

Thanks, jdotmi!

Roger Ebert gave Fantastic Four *one* star.

Holy shit, you guys.

I hope everyone's okay...

Please check in? I've seen checkins from callumf, dk_leathers, pbristow, silme, sbisson, storme, and voldsom so far.
Pimpin' - yuki_onna

Blogathon News


Okay, so I announced yesterday that I was physically unable to stay up all night to do a proper Blogathon, but still wanted to fundraise. Some of you had some really excellent ideas.

We have a winner...

catvalente has offered to dedicate her Project Blog Blogathon to the memory of tx_db8r.

I am very honored. Thank you so much, Cat.

So. Project Blog is July 23rd. Her Project Blog LJ is theleechchild, "being the scathing, scintillating, swashbuckling adventures of one slightly deformed, moist, and fork-tongued Divine Child--Hiruko, the Leech-Child." This is a pay-per-read project, and it will be very worth it. Even a dollar gets you this exclusive story by acclaimed novelist and all-around nifty person Catherynne M. Valente.

And I'll give you something, too, just like in past years.

I'll also post some stuff while I'm awake - and encourage those of you who wanted to play along to do so.

We're waiting on Project Blog's website to go live. If it doesn't, we'll be doing what we did last year - having you donate directly to The National MS Society and sending catvalente your e-mail receipts. Further instructions will come as things settle.

Project Blog. July 23rd.

Stay tuned.

And... thank you.


Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 20?
In Boston. No, seriously - in ten years. Hm. Elayna will be in college. I see myself as being a lot more settled; I'm hoping to grow some roots...and, y'know, the writing thing, of course. :)

In twenty? I'm hoping to be a grandma. A kickass writerchick grandma. What? Elayna will be 30. That's old enough to give me a grandbaby.

What are next weekend's winning Powerball numbers?
4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42.

What is your favorite *natural* scent?

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It is really fucking humid in my basement right now.

Like, hard to breathe humid.

So much for taking a chunk of time to tag and wiki...

In other news...

Atlanta's one of five US cities whose transit systems are apparently on high alert. Nervous-making. I'm always afraid that They - the nebulous terrorist They - are going to hit the CDC. It's walking distance from work. If they hit the CDC....

And then my brain goes off on morbid tangents about trying to get back on campus to get Adam, and what if he's quarantined because of all the viruses released into the air from the CDC, and and and...

What? They have ebola there. And worse stuff. Lots of stuff.

I have thought about that at least once a week since September 11, you realize. When Adam gave me roundabout directions to pick him up at work that day, to keep me away from the CDC just in case, because we didn't know if it was over. Which planted that seed in my head: "Shit, the CDC..."

Ach. *handwavy* I'm going to go do laundry.
SillyMe - Photognome

Another ten answers!

But aren't you the head cool kid who starts all this? What do you want to be when you grow up?
Hee! Generally. But this time around, slipjig and velvetsteel started it.

And I don't want to grow up. :P

How did you and Adam know you were Meant To Be, and why did it take years to figure it out?
Well... we clicked via e-mail as well as any two people can. And he became my best friend that way. But we didn't meet in person for another two years-ish.

You know how sometimes when you meet someone, everything else falls away, and you two are the only people in the room?


The problem was... I was on my honeymoon at the time...

We honestly didn't think of it as that kind of love at first - just as an affirmation of how close we'd become online. A brother-and-sisterish thing. And he started visiting me in Florida frequently, and we grew closer, and we had to admit that there was a lot more there...

...but, y'know. I was married. And not poly. Well, the ex had agreed to poly at the time, but it turned out, a bit late, that all he wanted was threesomes, and gods forbid any emotion should be involved. And Adam wasn't poly. Anyway.

So. All sorts of tangled-up-ed-ness. I was miserable in my marriage for a number of reasons, but I was trying; Adam's a man of honor, and so we did nothing...

My ex-husband hitting me was in that way a blessing.

Yep. The ex decked me. I took off out of the house like a bat out of hell - took Elayna to my parents' house. (Yes, she'd been in the room. No, he never hurt her; he'd be dead now if he had.)

And my ex called Adam.

We still don't now why he did this. For support? To attempt to raise a defense? What possesses a "man" to call his wife's best friend to tell him that he hit the wife? I don't know.

But it made Adam realize that this fucker did not deserve me.

And it snapped me out of it.

So my ex and I separated. And I moved up to Atlanta.

And that's why it took so long. *curtsey*

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