June 27th, 2005



Happy birthday to robyn_ma!

Exhaustion + nausea + headache.

My everything hurts, where everything = arms, legs, and back, but that is attributable to vigorous cleaning yesterday morning. And I can deal with that. Just - ow.

EDIT: Nausea = pretty bad today. Tummyache.

Have created a filter just for my guys to track my progress in general taking-care-of-myself things, so they know I remembered to eat, so docorion knows how much sleep I'm getting, etc. Also including lists of accomplishments - so even if I don't get much done, I can look at the list and see that I got something done and not feel bad. *nod*

For those who don't read on the weekend - I posted a bunch of moving-tips and moving-company links yesterday. Opinions, testimonials, and tips appreciated! No, we don't have a date yet (Adam's just started job-hunting), I'm just stockpiling info so we can jump right on it soon as we do.
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The problem with an emotionally intense, heavy-communication LDR is that it creates a lag effect between brain and body.

Our minds and hearts know each other better than our bodies do, is what I'm saying.

Now, our bodies know each other just fine, mind you; our bodies get along very well indeed. Mmmm.... *happy place* :) But for deeper D/s stuff, we're sometimes stop-and-start, just because we're still learning each other's nonverbals - so we haven't disappeared into it much yet. At least not as much as we're going to.

With some relationships involving kink, it's mainly a matter of establishing commonality. We both like X, Y, and Z? Okay! There's our plateau.

docorion and I have the pretty strong feeling that there will be no plateau. That this is a long-journey sort of thing.

I want to be living in Boston already so we can start catching up.
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Shooting Star #6


If you've ordered the comic, make sure your name is on this list! I've heard from two people so far whose orders didn't go through PayPal the first time, and they only noticed by re-checking.

If your name isn't on the list, your order never got to me. Please make sure. I've e-mailed my editor and am going to try to meet with him and pick up the comics this week, but this is a one-shot deal; I really need to have the orders in.


The frustrating thing about having Alice & the crew chattering in my head (and I do mean chattering, from the girls at least; I wrote character profiles last night and had several little monologues from Alice and one from Kat's daughter pop out) is that I can't write about any of it here, at least not publicly.

Because if I do, it'll be giving away the entire end of Shayara, that's why.

This takes place after the end. I can actually see it being a YA novel.

Granted, I've given away that these kids exist and that, in i_descend's words, "...they must have been victorious... There is hope for peace in Shayara." Yes, by posting that bit on Saturday I've given away that Capri and Katrianna live long enough to give birth. (Julia adopts Alice.)

I'm not guaranteeing anything other than that they live long enough to give birth, mind. :)

Drives me crazy. Because there are themes at work here that I want to poke at...
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Remember, kids! You can get a free copy of your credit report every year. This site will link you through to all three of the credit reporting bureaus.

I am happy to report that my credit is still sterling. But it is good to be certain, to keep an eye on such things.

(Yes. I'm boring. But I'm brain-fried because I couldn't nap. And if I have to be boring, at least I'm boring with good (and accurate!) credit.)
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