June 24th, 2005



Happy birthday to jamesovei, and happy early birthday to silverkun!

Hello to new readers beerjudge and phantomdancer!

Exhausted, nauseous. I slept much better last night, and my tummy is much less oogie, so I am at work today. Of note: I have been dizzy/faint in the morning sometimes lately.

Yesterday was pretty bad on the fatigue front, though. Body simply did not want to move. When I instructed the body to move, the body appealed to me with a "Please, no, I will cry if you make me move." (Not that I cried. It is just that such were my body's protests and lamentations.) Today is better, as today I can walk instead of trudge.

docorion and I are discussing possible options. I'm at toxic doses of these meds, and that can't work. I'm not seizing, but quality of life? Not so much.

Snug black polo shirt with cherries on the left upper breast. Jeans. Happy Bunny panties. Strawberry Shortcake socks.

The Skinner by Neal Asher. docorion's reading Cowl, same author.)

Another unplanned weekend. Read: Probably alternating between being project-y and collapsing. *nod* (kires, when are you coming up?)

Pimpin' - yuki_onna

Buy this now.

Triple threat, baby. Stories by, in alphabetical order, mightywombat, murnkay (two stories!), and rosefox. All in one book, for your convenience! How much does that rock?

Click here to pre-order Dark Furies now. (I'm talking to you, too, Adam.)

murnkay is also selling a chapbook of his story Crazy Little Thing at that link; I have read it and found it to be good, and suggest that you order both the book and the chapbook and have them brought to your tent. *nod* But act fast! There are deals at that link, baby, and they are only available 'til July 4th.

My favorite treatment

Prescription: Sexual Intercourse

For relief of headache, general malaise, and for the hell of it

Do not take while driving or operating heavy machinery. Keep out of reach of children.

Side effects may include labored breathing, drowsiness, euphoria, chafing, back pain, pelvic pain, easy bruising, dry mouth, tremors.

May become habit-forming. Has not been shown to cause cancer in laboratory animals.

Pregnancy Category A: Human studies have shown that sexual intercourse is safe during pregnancy.

Dosage and Administration: Twice daily; more as needed
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