June 20th, 2005



Happy birthday to amai_unmei, k_crow, shaddragon, treadpath, and the zombie-licious static_eddie!

Exhaustion + nausea + just a little brainweird. The nausea's been fairly extreme lately, so I have been maximizing calorie intake when I can eat. Dinner last night was chocolate cake.

Conversation with DocOrion
"Chocolate cake?"
"Wow. I bet you can't wait for me to get there."
"Uh-huh. I wanted broccoli. Adam made me eat the chocolate cake."

Conversation with Chai-Fetching SysAdmin Just Now
"How's the comic going? On track?"
"Just e-mailed my artist yesterday lookin' for a status report!"
"Cool. You're writing non-comic stuff too, right?"
"Right. Whenever my drugs let my brain write, it's full-speed ahead."
"You're good at that."
"Thanks, man."
"Y'know, what Adam needs to do is go to his boss and say 'Look, my wife needs to stay home and write. So you just need to give me a huge raise, so she can do that.'"
"I'll tell him."
"You take care of yourself."

Heh. Even the sysadmin agrees that I need to go write full-time.

'k. That's it for now.
I Hate It Here - Transmet

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How am I supposed to make it through work today and tomorrow and next week and the month after that when I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, when it is right. over. there. and it is so so close but for the need of a Boston-local job for Adam?

Anyone got any Boston academic IT connections for Adam? *fidgets mightily*

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One of these days, pharminatrix and I will have a weekend to spend together, and the world shall tremble.

We will require a boombox, Vosges chocolates, and lots of body paint. At least to start with. Expect frequent calls for supplies.

She is one of my favorite madwomen.

EDIT: Hm. Re-reading this, I wonder if it sounds sexual; it's not, between us. I just want to devour her brain. She is a wonderful and twisty person.
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