May 31st, 2005


Tew's Day

Happy birthday to man_size, and to super-luscious metaphorge!

Hello to new readers burningwoman, concordantnexus, featheredfrog, frogger_the_mad, intelligentrix, and treefrogdreams! Wow. Friday's Elayna post took off like hotcakes. Particularly among people with frog names.

My Pasta is Quietly Screaming.
There are now T-shirts. In grownup and kid sizes. And an apron.

And megthelegend and featheredfrog made icons.

My child is growing up in the public eye, just like Inky...

This is Week Two of the headache, and I can't decide whether I should be calling the regular doc or the neurologist. I know I have at least three doctors reading me. Opinions?

Also, exhausted et cetera. *sigh* I need a break of about a week or so to recuperate, but I can't take one, because I use up my sick time as fast as I get it, because I am sick, but I wouldn't be as sick if I could take a week off; vicious circle.

EDIT: Aaaaaagh. Coordination going. Plus, verbal skills going. EDIT: Vision going weird. Nauseous. Ach. Bad day. EDIT: Tremors.

Crap Crap Crap with a Side of Crap
Elayna's behavior yesterday afternoon was such that she has no TV/video gameishness this week.

It's gonna be a long week.

The long week will culminate in Dealing With My Mother.


*Touches Neck in Mild Disbelief*
I had my hair braided at RenFaire. The Classic, as seen here. Still in.

I love having my hair out of my face; I can't deal with wisps everywhere, but wisps are a fact of life - especially now, as the hair that fell out when I had my precipitous weight loss is starting to grow back. I usually just do ponytails, because I lack l33t braiding sk1llz. But this is all off my neck, all contained-like. I keep touching the back of my neck. It is loverly. It is weird.

And no, I shan't cut my hair short. Not unless I go for the brain surgery. Because when it all grows out, I won't be able to keep it out of my face, that's why.

I go work now. *nod*
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Sick Hippo


Of all the silly things to be thankful for... but people with similar physical issues will agree, I think.

It isn't public knowledge, in my department, why I've gone part-time. But sometimes people delicately ask.

And it's amazing how, a big chunk of the time, they grok.

They know. Sometimes they directly know someone with epilepsy. This sysadmin's brother-in-law. This professor's former grad student.

One professor astutely asked, "Is it the epilepsy that's keeping you part-time, or is it the medication?"

One friend-of-an-LJ-friend, when she found out, instantly nodded, comprehension clearly dawning - "Those medications take a lot out of you."

I'm understood.

It means a lot to know that I'm not alone. Even if I don't know anyone in meatspace with my disorder, anyone else who's fighting this fight - I'm not alone. Prof. W.'s student spent years fighting the brainfog to write a thesis. The sysadmin's brother-in-law is managing, after several medication trials, to hold down a job.

But it's hard.

I'm not the only one it's hard for. Not alone. And there are people who know.
Capri - xanadumalion


The storybits in my head are all about Capri today. My response to the writing prompt is Halloran/Capri; Capri isn't seen, but she's very present. And the Kieran/Capri pairing has been very much in my head lately - docorion reminds me very much of Kieran, in ways that the casual reader has yet to see.

Want to go home and write. *sigh* 'Nother half hour.

Well, crap.

Time keeps on slippin'.

As in, I forgot to pack and mail Elayna's summer wardrobe.

And was so exhausted today that I fell asleep upon returning home, rather than having her try clothes on. (And yes, that means I didn't get to write, either.)

Well. I'm awake now.... *sigh* So that's her after-dinner project.

In better news, Adam's Father's-Day gifts have arrived!
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Writing - photo

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I don't feel like writing nonfiction tonight.

It's stirring in my brain. It always is. But I'm not together enough to reach back there for Walking on Water, to tell a story even as lighthearted as the time we went camping with the hippies... almost, much less anything hardcore.