May 27th, 2005

Elayna! - Karlita

Why I am awake.

I am home with Migraine Like Whoa.

Elayna pokes her head into the room. "Mommy, if you hear an explosion, don't worry. It's just my pasta."

Me, groggy: "Why would your pasta be exploding?"

Elayna: "I'm cooking it with the lid on." (Tupperware. Microwave.)

Me: "Well, take the lid off first."

Elayna: "It's already cooking."

Me: "Um. It's 9 in the morning, and you're cooking pasta?"

*muffled pop*

Elayna investigates, then returns: "My pasta is quietly screaming."

Me: "It what?"

Elayna: "It's quietly screaming. Like 'eeeeeeeeeeeee.....'"

Elayna wanders back to the kitchen, whistling "Ode to Joy".

Right. Well. I'm awake now. How are you?
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    the quiet screaming of the pasta, and "Ode to Joy"
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More awake now.

Well. Migraine. Faded, but... migraine. Kinda shaky now, but no way of knowing if that's from the Trileptal or the Excedrin! Nausea. Less "wow, I'm tired" exhaustion, because I got a little more sleep, but more "attempting to do something and realizing hey, that's not gonna happen" exhaustion than usual.

A shirt from the conference Coca-Cola U hosted this week. And Beaker panties. I am likely to shower and get dressed in the near future, though.

Just finished Epilepsy: 199 Answers by Andrew Wilner. Not recommended. The information given is ridiculously basic, and can be provided in a single chapter of Seized by Eve LaPlante or Partial Seizure Disorders by Mitzi Waltz, both highly superior and actually informative books. I can't figure out if Wilner's condescending by nature, or if he's just overcompensating for the anticipated lowest common denominator.

Heh. Can you tell that this book rubbed me the wrong way? (EDIT: Just made that an review. People should not waste their money on this book.)

Currently reading Mystic and Rider, by Sharon Shinn; it hasn't grabbed me like her Archangel trilogy did, but I've just begun it. Still good. :)

avivasedai arrives today!

Tomorrow: skyra's birthday party.
Sunday: RenFaire!

Provided health allows. It's been a particularly bad few weeks. Hrm. But I should probably be okay.

EDIT: Also of note: My picture is on *nod*


whitecrow0 made me a bunch of icons. This pleases me muchly. *points to icon*

Am feeling steadily a bit better; had nice long talk with my docorion...

Still hoping to get a ride to the airport to get avivasedai...

And my daughter is playing the Star Wars theme on her flute.