May 26th, 2005


Thor's Day

Happy birthday to pbristow!

Nausea - not as tired today as yesterday, though. I was sorely tempted to stay up late writing... but nope, I have a day job. *sigh* EDIT: Okay, belay that - exhaustion BAD.

I've had a splitting headache all week, but I'm OTR, which is very likely a huge contributing factor.

Unblocked now. Is of the good. Last night? That was Ryan, of course. That's not one of his usual songs, but I was listening to Pretty Hate Machine last night on my walk for two of Alanna's songs, and Ryan showed up instead... eeeenteresting.

My iPod is in the shop. I miss my iPod.

Question for Writers
If your novel/comic/series were made into a movie, and you had the opportunity to play one of your characters, who would you choose to play?

My answer later.
Writing - XanaDuMalion

Call of the Firstborn

Call of the Firstborn, by jnanacandra of FireSea Studios. (Jemmy, want your meatspace-name up here too?)

My character Tiala na'Roth, Firstborn of the Dasaroi of Shayara.


You have no idea how rock-star this makes me feel - that my character invaded someone else's brainspace (she did; she told jnanacandra how to paint her!) like this. That my story inspired something like this.

Total rock star.

jnanacandra, this is wonderful; thank you so much. :)

*stares at painting for an hour or two*
Writing - XanaDuMalion


Characters in my head right now: Lily, conversing with Napalm and Johnathan. And Donna, with Fenris...

Lily hates being seen as an adjunct of Lyric. And she knows that Lyric loves Napalm...

Donna is tired... and feeling too young to be in mourning. So many of her contemporaries are gone. She's only in her late 30s. Too soon to pass the torch to the new generation - but Edward is gone, her lover Joshua is gone, even young Michael Halloran is gone...

I hate it when the writerbrain activates and it's two and a half hours til I get to write.

In my head, Napalm is telling Johnathan why he's feeding Lyric music.

EDIT: And Lily's voice is different than Lyric's; not just less childlike. Rougher. Whisky voice. Bedroom voice.
Writing - XanaDuMalion

Uhrwerk Reprise

She feels like a clockwork girl - wound by handlers, by Councillors, by him. Reading her lines from a punched-metal ribbon, from a script, words they've impressed upon her so hard that they feel pressed into her skin, branded.

If she was allowed to get a tattoo, she might get a gear, a single spiked gear on the small of her back. No one would know why. Her secret.

She's never had a secret. She wonders what it would be like.

After she's done her programmed dance, after her eyes have flashed, her presence has frightened... after it all, when they don't need her, she can almost feel herself



Sprawled on her bed, empty-eyed. Hollow and heavy at the same time. Unmoving.

If she was allowed to get a tattoo, she might get the word "broken". On the inside of her wrist. Only he would see it - no one else sees her without her gloves.

Not a secret. He would know.

He knows everything. He crafted her. He winds her, smooth hands feeling rough on her soft skin.

It's he who comes for her when she's lying empty-souled on the too-large bed. When it is time to dance again.

She wishes she was allowed a secret.


My iPod must have heard me lamenting its absence this morning.

Because it just arrived.

Well, my new iPod, anyway, as the old one was hosed. Which is even more impressive than the old one returning, because this one has not been personally held and doted upon by me yet. It has developed an affinity for me all on its own. "Lo!", it said to itself, "'Song wants me, needs me! I shall be loved in this house. Oh please, please, send to to her with all due haste!"

*pets iPod in its little dock as it uploads song #1997*

Good little pod. Yes. *pet pet*
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Oh, dear.

I am in a Mood.

Writing? Um, only if it's porn. Kieran-and-Capri porn. Very intense D/s porn.


*curses docorion's work schedule and the fact that she has another week and a half until she has a moment alone in the house*

EDIT: Incidentally, I still think "Telepaths Don't Need Safewords" (by Cecilia Tan) is one of the best story titles ever.

ALSO EDIT: You know my body's nonfunctional when I doze off *while writing porn*.
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(no subject)

I have mad skillz at becoming a babbling idiot in front of/in e-mail with nifty people.

It is my superpower. It is my secret mutant power. The more intelligent I wish to come off, the more inept I act. My abilities are inversely proportionate to how interesting the other person is. Ask docorion - I was practically mute for the first hour or so we hung out, simply because I knew that if I opened my mouth...

I am a dork.

I am a dork who is going for a walk with her newly-returned iPod.
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