May 21st, 2005



I was asked via e-mail how I was; this is how I am. *nod*

Achy - I was a little too vigorous in that run/walk yesterday, when I hadn't walked any appreciable distance in like a month.
Tired - but I slept 11 hours, which helped me get caught up, I think!
Full - breakfast out at my favorite place. Had pancakes (whole wheat, sweetened with honey), bacon, and half a whole-grain biscuit. And coffee. Lots of coffee.
Frustrated - unable to find a single shirt that fits for work. No one's selling anything but tank tops, dammit. I like tank tops - but they're not suitable for *work*.
Ultimately satisfied - because I found a really nice skirt, and shoes for dark_blade's wedding (I am a bridesmaid and thus must have black ballet flats). And got 'em covered by a gift card.

I am now home, and shall likely rest from my active morning.

(no subject)

"Love and kisses on all your pink parts!"

That's how kires said goodbye on the phone just now. It was so ludicrously adorable that I had to put it up here so I'll remember to use it. If I can keep a straight face while saying it. He seemed to, but he's very deadpan by nature.

The Suicide Squard episode of JLU rocked my socks. My socks, they were rocked. No goats were blown by this episode, yea verily.